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Inquiries to: Barbara Silversmith

Of the Spirit

Song of the Elders
[Mark Silversmith: Song of the Elders]
Pastel - Image size: 20 x 15 1/2
Limited Edition
Song of the Soul
[Mark Silversmith: Song of the Soul]
Image size:
22 x 15 1/2

Limited Edition
of 950
[Mark Silversmith: Tradition] Pastel
Image size:
21 x 17
This beautiful young woman is Melissa Silversmith
dressed in Navajo finery.
Vision of the Last Buffalo Hunt
[Mark Silversmith: Vision of the Last Buffalo 	Hunt]
Sheet size: 34 x 16 - Image size: 30 x 11
Edition of 1000 impressions
Four Winter Scenes Glorious Landscapes Beautiful People Favorites

Inquiries to: Barbara Silversmith

Thank you to our good friend Sarah Shaw, who did the scanning on these.

Mark is one of 42 artists who shared their talents in the
"Artists for the Little People Coloring Book."
Proceeds to The Children's Hospital Foundation, Denver, CO
Contact: PO Box 1292 - Conifer, CO 80433 - Phone: 303-838-2298

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