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By Dan E. Campbell - Email

“Well, I’m not quite sure why we’re all here. I think we’re supposed to do
some theatre. So I guess we’d
better get started.”

With those fateful words Norman Callison began the first day of what would become one of the Midwest’s
most successful and longest running summer dinner theatres.

Over the course of 27 years and 20 seasons, the Walnut Valley Horsefeathers And Applesauce Summer Dinner Theatre Association (as it was originally called) has brought entertainment and fine “vittles,” “grub” or just plain dinner (depending on what season you attended) to those lucky enough to be in or near Kansas’ Walnut Valley.

For those on the stage, behind the scenes or in the audience, whether you’ve been there for one show or through it all from the very beginning, being a part of Horsefeathers has always been an experience to enjoy, remember, learn and grow from.

In "Awwwwww Horsefeathers & Applesauce" author Dan E. Campbell uses interviews, reviews and audience reminiscences to recount both the onstage and backstage history of this "gang of theatrical ruffians." Campbell is a professional actor who currently resides in Los Angeles. He began his association with the Horsefeathers troupe in 1975 and continues to perform (and occasionally direct) for the theatre. Campbell has performed in theatres across the country, in movies and on television, including such shows as Unsolved Mysteries and General Hospital, and an award winning commercial for Li'l Caesar's.

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