The Midwest Connection

Kansas - Oklahoma - Texas - Missouri - Mississippi
Osage - Choctaw - Cherokee - Kiowa - Kickapoo

The Midwest has many connections to the Southwest and Four Corners.
El Quartelejo, in Scott County, KS, is the furthest North-Eastern pueblo in the U.S.
The Kiowa and Navajo are both of the Athabascan language groups;
The Hopi claim that they built the Mississippi Mounds;
Missouri was a staging point for the expansion through
Kansas down to Indian Territory (Oklahoma).
Then came the Cherokee Strip Run.

Mid-America All-Indian Center
Wichita, KS
Kansas State Historical Society
First Territorial State Historic Site
Cherokee Strip Museum
Map of the Cherokee Strip Run
Wyandot Nation of Kansas
Home Page
Wyandot Nation of Kansas
Prairie Band of
Potamatami of Kansas
Kansas - Texas Tribes

Links to the Pueblos in Kansas.
The Scott County State Park El Quartelejo

Accounts of Early History from Kansas Newspapers
Rustling the Rustlers
Stopping the Poachers
Excursions Into Indian Territory
This is a very large file of 800K.
And by the same authors, you would enjoy the book
Cowley County History Volume Two: The Indians


University of Oklahoma
Historical Documents
Native American Legal Resources
Indian Waters
Tribal Fishing Sites: Oklahoma - Texas
Links to other good places!
Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma
Philip "Yogi" Bread
Oklahoma Historical Society Trial of Tears Timeline
Muscogee (Creek) Nation Iowa Tribe Sac and Fox Miami Nations Homepage

Osage Tribe
Official page
Osage Research
and Tribal Museum
Unofficial page
Subscribe to the
Osage Reflector
Queries about Osage ancestry The Osage

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Tracing Choctaw Lines
Choctaw History Choctaw Links
Rainbow Eagle - Choctaw:
Seventh Fire Peace Shield Teacher

History of the Cherokee
Maps - Geneaology
Tsalagi Cherokee
Tsalagi Dictionary - Big links page
Smoke Signal
Liz Pollard
Freeware Cherokee Fonts
Cherokee Fire
Cherokee Home Page
RuninFox: The wife of this website owner is a direct descendant
of Nancy Ward (Most beloved Woman of the Cherokee).
Bearded Wolf East Texas Indians History of the Cherokee
Alabama - Long Hair Clan Red Owl People of the Circle
Major Ridge
Key figure in The Trail of Tears
Talking Leaves
the alphabet
History of the Cherokee
White Indian's Home
The Trail of Tears Echota Message to the World
Many pictures - Dance description
Official Site of the Cherokee Nation
Native American/Cherokee
and Genealogical sites of interest.
Cherokee Mountain Gallery
A beautiful lodge and gallery in the Ozarks
Paintings by Pat McCallister Echota Cherokee Artist

Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma The Power of Kiowa Song
Sound Samples
Kiowa - Comanche - Apache Lands Treaty with Kiowa - Comanche - Apache
Kiowa/Tanoan Language Kiowa Lands
The move from Canada
Kiowa Sun Dance


The Comanche Indians
Kickapoo of Texas Kiowa - Apache
Mount Tabor Indian Community
Texas Band of Cherokee Indians
Domestic Architecture
Comanche Village - Photos from 1872-73

Missouri - Mississippi

Missouri Archaeology
Mound Builders, Civilizations, Early Explorations
Missouri Native History
Osage - Missouri - Puants - Cherokee - Creeks
Photos of a large collection of Artifacts

Grand Village of the Kickapoo Kickapoo at Looksmart
Kickapoo Maps Kickapoo Kickapoo History

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