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In Switzerland orphans are taught the respective culture that their parents
would have taught them. The U.S. is certainly a backward nation.

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Multiculture and More
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A Very Interesting Heritage

Of 1500 Black families interviwed in the 1930's,
500 of them had Native American ancestry.
Black Cultural Studies
Ethnicity, race, and gender among
populations of the African Diaspora.
Elizabeth Alexander Houston A. Baker, Jr.
Barbara Christian Manthia Diawara Ann Ducille
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Dual Heritage
I write Black Indian poems as an inspirational source and educational tool
for those of African American and Native American ancestry to honor and
celebrate their dual heritage. And to create an awareness among all
Indian & non-Indian of the contribution and history of the Black Indian.
LoneWolf: A Tribute to the Black Indian
Heart of Two Nations
African Native Americans
African - Native Geneaology African American History
Museum of AFRO-American History - Boston African American Web Connection AFRO_American Almanac

Examining the reputation of
Christopher Columbus
Relating to
Indian Removal Act of 1830
Events in The West
Good overview
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US Constitution
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Declaration of Independence
We hold these truths to be self-evident.
Native American Treaties and Information
Holocaust Timeline
The History Place
Read what Hitler did in just the one year of 1933.
And he didn't even have a computer!

Cree Language Dictionary
A Cree language dictionary that was started in the 1960's is finally complete.
Kahon:wes's Mohawk
Language Homepage
Lakota Books
Lakota Language and Culture
Tashna Whirlwind Horse
Tashna Whirlwind Horse is an enrolled Lakota who can translate
the meaning of your current non-Native name into Lakhota words.
EXAMPLE: "Adam" in Hebrew means: "Red man of red earth."
In Lakhota that same meaning is worded "Wicasa luta makha luta."
Raven's Tsa-La-Gi Page
A Cherokee resource site.
Have a word or phrase
translated into Cherokee.
"Learn to pronounce and read right now."
Language Database
BiLingual Program:
National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education
Challenged and Banned Books
"Free People Read Freely"

Human Rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
"Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity . . ."
Document Center
for Human Rights
Institute for Global Communications
Human Rights Library
Treaties and Documents
Good coverage
Democracy Via The Web
Rights and Democracy
without bloodshed
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and other instruments
KOLA (Lakota for friend):
"Grass roots human rights"

The Right to Believe

Hokshichankiya Aboriginal American Church
Interesting People
Native Spirituality:
A Story of Oppression
These four files are on Four Corners Postcard
Hopi Jicarilla Apache Navajo Ute
Ancient Origins of the Holidays Holidays and Observances
See Juneteenth
Good Layout
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Thanksgiving Story
A Thorough Study
Christmas Unplugged
A Worthy Idea
God's love for all mankind - told and shown
Meru Foundation
A "Geometric Metaphor" in the Bible
The Baha'i Faith Page
Encompassing Faith
The Baha'i Ring
Meet the people
Prophecies Not in the Bible
Hopi - Hindu - Christian - Toltec - Nostradamus - many more
Jehovah's Witnesses
Atheists & Agnostics Pod
Some interesting discussions
Index of Angel Ring Learning From Angels
Bible Search
Nine Languages - Many Versions - This is a good study.
The Holy Quran
Wisdom from a Prophet
Islam 101 Islam, Alharamain Foundation
The Bible
Wisdom from Prophets
Easy to Read - Quick Load
Bible Interpretation WebRing

Study of the "Last Things"
Hope versus Panic

Introduction to Eschatology
This will tell you
Eschatology: Who cares?
The Catholic View
Eschatology Transcripts
Berean Bible Church
What Presbyterians Believe Living Presence Ministries
A positive view
Dead Sea Scrolls
A book store
Fall of Jerusalem
Prophecy as Examples
The "rapture" - dispensationalism
Topic: Eschatology
Quran - Essene - Dead Sea Scrolls
Realized Eschatology in Valentinianism

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