It is not within the scope of the Clamor to cover all of the important health problems of "modern living." See links below.

But this is such a great thing - pectin - that I want to share this with you. Hope it piques your interest enough to start you on an entirely new approach to your relationship with the Creator's fool-proof plan.

Pectin is a natural fiber that is in many fruits and vegetables. Apples are the best example.

And here is what pectin can do for you.

Pectin is in apples (eat the skin), oranges, bananas, cherries, grapes, pineapples, tomatoes, peaches, raspberries, avocados, raisins, carob, and sunflower seeds. And tablets.

Flash: For all of you Native American Indian folks who have been eating tepary beans since you could chew - you guessed it: Pectin

Of importance is the connection with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder because many of the poisons that have been shown to cause ADHD are eliminated by pectin.

There are many links to Preservation, for example. Traditional medicine, and Newsletters, like Ishgooda, that are full of better ways.

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