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Astronomy Department.
University of Massachussetts
Aboriginal Astronomy
Lakota star knowedge.
Amazing - must see!
The Nine Planets Under The Western Sky
Space and Astronomy for Kids
Email Guide Cynthia Phillips

Dinosaur Pages
Picture of new fossil discovery
Presence of feathers
in nonavian dinosaurs!
Dinosaurs in New Mexico
New Mexico Museum of
Natural History and Science
Dinosaur Reference Center Dinosauria On-Line Hadrosaurus foulkii
West's Geology Directory
This is great!
Dino Russ' Lair
Several good links through this site.

Dinosaur Parks
Big Bone Lick
State Park
Fossil Butte
National Monument
Ashfall Fossil Beds
State Park
Dinosaur National Monument Dinosaur National Monument Bisti Wilderness
What's the problem here? All the stories fit with the physical evidence.
Harvard's Evolution Page
The Origin of Species
The complete text
Tree of Life
Diversity and unity
of living organisms
Journey into Cladistics
Historical connections
of evolution

Fossils from the
Burgess Shale.
Trace Fossil Page Pennsylvanian Plant Fossils
The Triassic-Jurassic Footprint Project
Includes a photo of Edward Hitchcock
The Sinap Formation in Turkey
Important locality for fossil primates being studied
by University of Texas paleoanthropologists.

Geological Time Machine Geological Time Scale Evolutionary Processes and Patterns
Sedimentary Rocks Mineral Gallery Fossilization
Rocks: A cheap hobby - for grades K - 3
The United States Geological Survey
Landmarks in the Discovery
of Geological Time

Related Research Links

Edunet Timemachine
Indexes ranging from 25 years to 10,000 years ago.
Each index goes to a clickable map of the world.
Too much fun!
CIA World 1998 Factbook
In the know
CIA maps
For sale - good stuff.
Resources of Scholarly Societies
Over 2000 Resources
From Anthropology to Women's Issues
St. John's Archives
Extensive and Searchable
Seasons of the Moons
In the languages of various tribes
Talk Origins Archive
Exploring the Evolution/Creation Controversy
UCSB Anthropology Web Site
National Center for Science Education The Electronic Volcano
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of
Claims of the Paranormal.
CT scans through the skull of
A Triassic non-mammalian cynodont.
Download the genetic code
for a variety of organisms at
A picture of Lindow Man,
one of the "Bog People,"
taken by Erica Floyd,
a current student in the course.
The Virtual Cadaver Science Online National Science Foundation Old Farmers Almanac
Database: Distribution of mammals
in North America
over the past several thousand years.

Student/Teacher Pages

Radiometric Age tutorial Tree-Ring Dating tutorial

This has to be a great way to make a living.
Museum of Paleontology
University of California
Canadian Museum of Nature
Ottawa, Ontario.
Smithsonian Institution
US National Museum of Natural History
Natural History Museum
Southwest Museum
Native American art and history.
Staatliches Museum fur Naturkunde
Stuttgart, Germany
Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory
Texas Memorial Museum, Austin
University of Michigan
Museum of Paleontology
Page Museum
La Brea Tar Pit Discoveries
Museum of Natural History
Los Angeles County
Santa Barbara Museum
of Natural History - Ask A Curator
Illinois State Museum Florida Museum of Natural History
Hunterian Museum, Glasgow
Good discussion of early discoveries by Mantell and Buckland.
Manchester Museum Science Museum of Minnesota Cincinnati Museum Center

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