Comparison of Two Images
of East Ninth Avenue,
Winfield, KS. 1907

This is a very interesting comparison of two images, which seem to be identical, with the exception of the man and the boy in the foreground of the lower image do no appear in the upper image. The upper image was from amoung the set located in the Cowley County Historical Museum in folder 3-a. It was the second set from this folder, thus the designation 3-a2. It had a very interesting painterly quality and was from a post card. The lower image was scanned from an original photo by Bruce Hedrick in Feb, 2000. In the lower photo in the far distance down Ninth Avenue, there seems to be a protusion on the horizon above the trolley tracks. This is probably the Observatory on Observatory hill at the eastern end of Ninth Avenue. The trolley tracks are very wobbly and uneven as they dissapear into the distance down Ninth. This is not unusual, as they had been in place about 18 years at this time and were nearing the end of their usefull life. Also in the lower photo, are seen the proliferation of telephone lines on poles at the right of the lower picture. These poles and lines all dissappear in the upper image. The two people, the poles and lines and the Observatory and the wobbly trolley lines all go away at the artist's whim in the upper image. What can you see that is different? It has got to be the same original image, the people on the corner at the left are the same, the guy with the bicycle on the right and the man in front of the First National Bank are all identical. Pretty interesting.

The Original Upper image.
The Original Lower image
The set of 3-a2 images