Cowley County Historical Museum
Drawer 1, Envelope 3-a2, Index Number on Photo 3a1451

3a1451 Looking North on Main St. from just south of the intersection of 10th and Main. No tracks, 20 ft trees. (the street car started in 1887)

  • 3a1451a.jpg The image above.
  • 3a1451b.jpg Sign at left "WE WANT BUTTER, EGGS & POULTRY, ??? THE HIGHEST PRICES. This building is still at the NW corner of 10th and Main.
  • 3a1451c.jpg Buildings on east side of Main in 900 block. Building at right is still on NE corner of 10th and Main (Ghost Image on 10th side)
  • 3a1451d.jpg Looking north toward Island Park in distance.
  • 3a1451e.jpg Building on right, men in foreground.
  • 3a1451f.jpg Buildings on right, can see tower of First National Bank building at 9th and Main. This indicates the picture was after 1886.
  • 3a1451g.jpg Trees on street at right. Trees planted in early 1870's would be this big by 1886.
  • 3a1451h.jpg Trees on the left, west side of Main.
  • 3a1451i.jpg Top floor of building on NW Corner of 10th and Main.

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