Cowley County Historical Museum
Drawer 1, Envelope 3-a2, Index Number on Photo 2211

3a2211.htm From NE corner of 12th and Mail looking north along Main toward NW corner of 10th and Main. circa 1900.

  1. 3a2211a.jpg The image above.
  2. 3a2211b.jpg The west side of Main going north to Island Park.
  3. 3a2211c.jpg Building on the NW corner of 10th and Main.
  4. 3a2211d.jpg Detail of buildings on the west side of Main in the 900 block.
  5. 3a2211e.jpg Carriages and horses in the foreground.
  6. 3a2211f.jpg Note on the image, "published by the Bee Hive."

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