Cowley County Historical Museumv 2215
Drawer 1, Envelope 3-a2, Index Number on Photo

From ground level, 9th and Main NE corner, looking south along Main St. Crowds, wires, ticket booth. 1900?

  1. 3a2215a.jpg
  2. 3a2215b.jpg West side of Main, 900 block.
  3. 3a2215c.jpg Kiosk and people on north of First National Bank entry.
  4. 3a2215d.jpg Second story balcony of FNB, Dr. Holcomb sign in window.
  5. 3a2215e.jpg Full view of crowd and Buildings, including St. James Hotel in 1000 block west side of Main.
  6. 3a2215f.jpg Crowd in front of bank.
  7. 3a2215g.jpg Detail of Kiosk.
  8. 3a2215h.jpg Detail on sign on store across Main, Hudson's Jewelers and Opticians, Meat Market.

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