Cowley County Historical Museum
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3a2761.htm From 9th & Main, looking at stores on West side of Main, north of 9th. P. H Albright, Post Office, Boots and Shoes. Manning Opera House on second story.

  1. 3a2761a.jpg The image above.
  2. 3a2761b.jpg P. H Albright sign on second story of building on NW Corner 9th & Main.
  3. 3a2761c.jpg Upper floor where Manning's Opera House is located.
  4. 3a2761d.jpg Lower floor of building on corner 9th & Main, Post Office.
  5. 3a2761e.jpg E. Younghiem Clothing, just north of Post Office.
  6. 3a2761f.jpg Upper floor Boots & Shoes, Mrs. Millington's store, two doors north of Post Office.
  7. 3a2761g.jpg Lower story of same stores.
  8. 3a2761h.jpg Detail on Mrs. Manning's store.
  9. 3a2761i.jpg Detail of Younghiem's signs.

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