Cowley County Historical Museum
Drawer 1, Envelope 3-a2, Index Number on Photo 3462

Looking south on Main St. from about 8th and Main, street level, mid street. Lots of phone wires, no trolley wires. Clock Tower. approx 1899.

  1. 3a3462a.jpg The image above.
  2. 3a3462b.jpg On left, east side of Main, First Nat. Bank and beyond the clock tower.
  3. 3a3462c.jpg On right, west side of Main in distance. Poster on pole says May 5.
  4. 3a3462d.jpg On far right, buildings between 8th and 9th on west side of Main.
  5. 3a3462e.jpg Department store, one door south of 8th on east side of Main.
  6. 3a3462f.jpg Detail of telephone poles and cross bars, right top.
  7. 3a3462g.jpg Detail of entry to Department store on left, something about to happen on May 19 acording to poster.

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