Cowley County Historical Museum
Drawer 1, Envelope 3-a2, Index Number on Photo 817

Looking north on Main from about Tenth & Main. 1920's. Note clean vista, not phone wires, no trolley wires, after trolley wires were removed.

  1. 3a817a.jpg The image above.
  2. 3a817b.jpg North on Main toward Island Park.
  3. 3a817c.jpg NE corner 9th & Main, along east side of 800 block of Main.
  4. 3a817d.jpg NW corner 9th & Main, along west side of 800 block of Main.
  5. 3a817e.jpg Bank building on NW corner 9th & Main, 4 storiee, one lot wide, Manning old Opera House building still in place.
  6. 3a817g.jpg North toward Island Park, wider view.
  7. 3a817h.jpg Filtered image of Bank on NW corner, note 5 globe street light.
  8. 3a817i.jpg Filtered view of full 800 block, west side.
  9. 3a817j.jpg Filtered view of trolley tracks, appear to be filled in.

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