Cowley County Historical Museum
Drawer 1, Envelope 8-a, Index Number on Photo 505
(this photo was torn is several place and has been digitally repaired)

Interior of Victorian House.

The note on this photo said the house was located at 13th and Millington in Winfield. It was referred to as the Ershine home. Does anyone have any information about this house? Is it still there? Who lives there now?

  1. 8a505a.jpg The image above.
  2. 8a505b.jpg Rolltop desk on right, telephone to left of desk.
  3. 8a505c.jpg Christmas decorations in room in the distance. Note light fixture.
  4. 8a505d.jpg Detail of thing hanging on wall in room at the left. For coat???
  5. 8a505e.jpg Chair, sculpture and desk in room in distance.
  6. 8a505f.jpg Carpet on left.
  7. 8a505g.jpg Detail of table in center of room, Vase on table.
  8. 8a505h.jpg Guitar and coffee table on left.
  9. 8a505i.jpg Detail of picture above desk, looks like people on two sides of table.

View looking back from other room.

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