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The Winfield Daily Courier, Wednesday, January 31, 1894.

The Siverd Memorial.

On the evening of February 12th an entertainment will be given in the Grand Opera House, under the direction of Miss Blanche Smith, of the college, for the benefit of the poor of the city of Winfield.

The entertainment has been named the Siverd Memorial, in memory of the late Capt. H. H. Siverd, who more than any other citizen, was abundant in deeds of kindness toward the deserving poor within our gates.

Since he as a soldier so bravely fought for his country, as a citizen so nobly lived what he professed, as an officer so fearlessly died in performance of duty in defense of a cause the noblest in the land, the program will consist entirely of temperance and patriotic selections—given in recitation, song, and tableau. The best talen in the college and city will devote their best efforts, without charge, to make the entertainment successful in every respect.

Let the citizens do their part in giving a full house, knowing that the entire proceeds will be put into the hands of a committee who will distribute to the most needy in this their great time of need. Remember the date, February 12th.


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