The Daily Courier


The Winfield Daily Courier, Wednesday, November 1, 1893.


Capt. Siverd, who was murdered at Winfield Wednesday, formerly lived near Douglass and was well known by the older residents of this locality. He was a brother-in-law to Thos. Daniels, of Providence. He was a man of strong, firm convictions, and had been a brave soldier. Douglass Tribune.


The Winfield Daily Courier, Wednesday, November 1, 1893.

The Douglas Tribune, speaking of the murder of Capt. Siverd says: "This makes the second peace officer that has been shot down from the effects of whiskey in little more than a year. The other instance being the officer killed by Philip Killion but little more than twelve months ago. It looks as though Winfield must decide which she will do without, joints or peace officers."


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