Time Travel

Sit back.
Without moving your head.
Run your eyes across the ceiling of the room.
From left to right.
The room doesn't move.
If you swept a camera along the same path
the room would pan across the camera.
Your eyes aren't a camera.
Your mind sees.
Your eyes scan.
Your mind sees all around.
In front.
In back.
Close your eyes
and the room stays there.
Your place in the world
is in your mind.
The world is a place
in your mind.
All of your senses
feel this place.
It seems real.
But it's not.
Your ears feel
around corners.
Your fingers feel footsteps.
Your nose smells dampness.
Rain is coming.
You see the future
before it happens.
But seeing five minutes into the future
is not enough.
You want more.
Your want years.
You want security.
The things you can't see
You're surprised.
It was there yesterday.
It's not today.
Who moved it?
It was mine.
It was in my mind.
It hurt my mind
for it to move.
There was a time
when we didn't live in houses
when we weren't inside
but were out
in a different place
with a different feeling
a feeling of who might
decide on me for supper
on you for supper.
A time where every sense
was a map for survival
a mental map of where they were
the man eaters,
the man food.
Be eaten, or eat.
Your choice.
Every step at night
into a hidden ravine
is a chance to die.
In Darwin's insight,
the dead don't reproduce.
Your father,
his, father,
all the way back
paid close attention
to every little detail.
Every sound, every smell
they knew the killers,
and knew where they were.
That's where they weren't.
The plan.
To be able to project forward
in time.
To time travel
in their mind.
That was the gift
that allowed them
to pass forward their seed.
To have a mind model,
to run it forward.
To not like the result.
To change it.
That is your choice.
Accept it,
or change it.
You choose.
You decide.
Every glance is a choice.
Every move is a strategy.
Every touch is a tactic.
To stop and sniff,
or to run and hide.
or to freeze.

Bill Bottorff
April 18, 1996

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