Imagination without reality
is nightmares!
Reality is the constraint
that takes the scary
out of Imagination.
What can't be
is filtered out.
What stays in
is what can be!
The human imagination
is beyond
It only takes a wall
a light
and a story teller
to project the images
of the possible future
onto young minds.
A cave,
a campfire,
the dark stillness
of night,
and the storytellers magic
and our magic words
can fill a space with the
stuff of dreams.
Technology can be
a prosthetic imagination.
It can help those
who are imagination impaired,
... adults.
Technology is both a stimulus
and the stimulant.
The imagination sees first,
then the technology,
extends, illuminates,
and checks the constraints
to see if we are still inside
the playing field of reality.
To extend the possible
is invention,
To fantisize about the impossible
is the stuff of dreams.
The dreams become reality
through the successive
projections of our minds
each pass emparting
more reality.
This kind of dreaming
requires an intimate knowledge
of reality.
Will this work,
will that work,
which is better,
why will it not work?
The same imagination
kept us alive
when we hunted.
Always aware of who
was around,
and who might like
to have us for lunch.
Who could be hiding
behind that rock,
around that corner,
in that draw.
Who could be out there
in the dark.
What could be out there.
Go back in the light
and look.
If it exists
at night,
it must exist
by day.
It must live somewhere.
Nothing materializes
at night
and vanishes
by day.
Nothing real.
Knowledge is courage.
It can't get me,
because it doesn't
Wisdom is knowing
it can't.
Dream monsters
can't get me.
But dream monsters
can be acting out,
or standing in,
or projecting,
or letting me know,
about something
that can get me.
Dreams show that way.
How do I get away,
the dream shows
the way.
and watch,
and remember,
and imagine.
Dreams are the
flight simulators
of the mind.
is the pilot.
Dreaming is
flight training
for the imagination.
Building things
is reality.
If it is real,
it can be built.
If you can't build it
get help.
Imagine who could help.

Bill Bottorff
May 29, 1996

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