Truth Systems
or.... How We Arrive at Virtual Reality


A closed system of rules which allows a set of axioms, regarded to be true, to be extended to all statements or assertions which can be made on the basis of those axioms.


The rules of manipulation which underlie mathematics, physics and science. Often used inappropriately in Medicine. No application in Law.


A monopolistic franchise granted by the Government of the United States to the American Medical Association for the purpose of protecting members from fault. Logic and Truth are arbitrated by State Boards.


A group of individuals who believes that the Moving Hand of Fate having writ can be availed to writ again and again until meaningful statistics can be gathered.


First employed by Hammarabi to reduce the amount of time required for him to hear parties to disputes. His strategy was to throw said parties (or their lawyers) in the Tigris and declare that should either reach the other bank, then that party should be declared the bearer of "The Truth". The time he saved he used to develop the rudiments of a pastime which we call "Golf". Most judges in our time still prefer this pastime to trials and we have substituted verbal flagellation in from of a jury for the Tigris.


A subset of Science, some of whose practitioners believe is actually a superset of all of the fields above.

Reality Systems


A system of thought which fundamentally denies the existence of reality.


An organization which exists due to the cash donations of individuals who accept its interpretation of a reality beyond perception by the senses. (A non, or without, sense reality)


John Kennedy said it best.. "the science of the possible."


Exchanges between groups with different value systems (ie. Reality systems) create value for both parties.


An institutionalized system to impose a reality system without sense. (ie. Sense-less)

Perception Systems

Mammalian Senses


Long range, two dimensional sensing, binocular correlation to produce third dimension. Multispectral to produce color perception.


Time series of pressure variation. Binaural to produce sense of volume of space, direction, movement.


Uncountable number of sensors capable of measuring heat, cold, pressure. Directed by attention or awareness. Inside or outside of body.


Oral, coarse grained, sweet, sour, bitter, salt.


Very sensitive, fine discrimination and memory, tied to subconscious, deep parts of brain.

Indirect Technological Extensions of Senses


A consensually accepted system of sequential vocal utterances which conveys a limited spectrum of imprecisely defined sensory experiences from one individual to others. Works best in a limited group where all group members have shared a common set of sensory experiences. (ie. common sense)


Commitment of language to a visual form which may be inscribed on various materials for interpretation at another time, at another place, by someone else who may, or may not, share some experiential basis with the inscribing party.


A language and writing based sequence of assertions which may, or may not, have anything to do with anything. A common problem is the empty set formed by the intersection of the writers sensory experience space and that of the reader.


An edifice filled with stacks of uninterpretable sensory experiences from individuals who aren't here and probably never were..


The perceptual environment of the writer. Given a common set of senses, the experiences of waking, sleeping, eating, ejecting, sweating, desiring should more or less track at a fundamental level. The specifics vary widely.


Something allegedly contained in the writing.

Direct Technological Extensions of Senses

Drawing and Painting

A two dimensional visual field conveying the illusion of relationships in three dimensional space and in a sequence of time.


A tactile creation of visual space.


A dynamic sequence of body movements to convey an experience of motion and emotion.


A re-enactment of a social/emotional interaction amongst a group of characters.


Recreation through performance art the aural sequences of nature and beyond.

Photographic Film

Two dimensional light density storage


Time sequence of sound vibrations stored in physical shape of grove.

Movie Film

Sequence of properly correlated images to produce illusion of motion.

Movie Film with Sound

Image sequence accompanied by time sequence of sound queues designed to produce the illusion of corroboration of two senses, See and Hear.


Real time embodiment of the movie paradigm capable of being encoded on a radio frequency carrier signal. Source and destination locked together in time and scanning sequence.

Video Recorder.

Electro-mechanical device which can receive the time sequence signal, record it to a medium and then recreate the same sequence at a future time.

Not Invented Yet

Taste-a-vision, Smell-o-vision, Touch-a-vision not yet embodied in practical form. Only Tel-e-vision.

Digital Television

A coding scheme which unifies all information components into a common stream of numerical data.

Virtual Reality

An embodiment of display of sight and sound whereby the fields of visual and aural data are coupled to physical position of the viewer to produce a sense of position and orientation within the scene. Can be augmented by a Flogiston Chair to provide motion and balance queues to produce complete immersion (ie the Baptist Chair.) Data streams to each immersant can be affected by the actions and responses of that viewer and any or all of the other immersants.

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