Waiting To Sign Up For The Cherokee Strip Run, Sept. 16, 1893

Subject: Cherokee Strip Run.
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Dear Bill,
From August 221, 1969, Arkansas City Traveler article.
Phot caption: Just Before the Run. This photograph, taken from an original glass plate, was taken at the west side of the Chilocco Indian Reservation by Thomas Croft on Sept. 16, 1893, just before noon. The
original glass plate, along with other glass plates of photos taken that day, have been given to an Arkansas City woman.
That lady was Mrs. Ira (Lois McAllister) Hinsey. She is now deceased.
She was related to Thomas Croft.
On the wooden platform at noon of Sept. 16, 1893, were W. S. Prettyman, P. A. Miller, and Thomas Croft, all local photographers. Prettyman left the platform to make the run, and 16-year-old Croft helped his father, Thomas Croft, set up the photograph, which Thomas Croft took.
I could be wrong about what happened to glass plate. Keep thinking that I heard that Lois Hinsey turned them over to the Cherokee Strip Museum when she worked there. Don't know. Letter from Croft verifying he took the picture is in file. Hard to read.
Do you need more information?

Subject: Land rush
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I am in the process of writing a book on the Mansfield family to be distributed only to family members at cost. I am wondering if it would be possible for me to include the photo of the folks waiting for the land rush to begin. The following letter was written by my husband's great grandfather:

Dear Hade,
We reached Arkansas City Sunday evening and I stayed all night with Jo Sulingey. And this morning at three oclock, we was up and started at half past four to the Booths and stood in line all day. There is the greatest crowd here today, I have saw for a long time. I did not get any certificate today. I got home at 7 oclock tonight and went to camp. They said Ross had a letter for me, but he had gone up town and I did not get to see them. So I am at Jo's tonight and will go back to the Booths tomorrow and try and get a certificate. There is none of the rest of our crowd went out yet. They are discouraged. There is over fifty thousand home seekers on the Kansas Line but I am going to stay and fight for a claim. Jo's are all well. My teams are all right, and so am I. If I hold -- It is pretty hard to (stay) all day in line when the dust is so thick you can't see your hand three feet from you. I have to pay 5 cents for a drink of water on the line. It is very dry here but a nice country. So write me right soon.
Your husband
Jim Mansfield
(From Jim Mansfield to his wife, Hade (Ida Mahala), in the Cherokee Strip land rush. Postmarked: Arkansas City Sept. 15, 1893. The Ross mentioned must be Ross Miracle. Ralph Allen, (May's husband), John Wright (Becky Mansfield's husband) and others went. Sulingey should be spelled Soulingney. Descendants still land owners at Ponca City. Ben
and Leafy went down and worked for him when they were first married. Maybe he was from Ohio, too.)

(A note of interest - Jim Mansfield was a prisoner at Andersonville Prison and survived in spite of losing around 100 pounds.)

Linda Willey

Wagons Ready for the Opening of the Cherokee Strip in 1893
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    Wagon in Center
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    People on top of Stage Coach at Right.

History of The Cherokee Strip Livestock Association by Billie Erin Walsh on Ancestry.com

List of Names of some of those who made the Cherokee Strip Land Rush on September 16, 1893
This document supplied by John Greven <jeg@fullnet.net>

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