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Traffic on Main St. Looking North from 12th St. in Winfield in 1954.

  1. w54msra.jpgThe Image Above.
  2. w54msrb.jpgLeft side of image.
  3. w54msrc.jpgRight side of image.
  4. w54msrd.jpgClose up of right side, Regent Theater, Chevy Truck.
  5. w54msre.jpgDetail of left side, Fox Theater, St. James Hotel
  6. w54msrf.jpgVery detailed view of Regent, Winfield Pastry Shop, running boy.
  7. w54msrg.jpgVery detailed view of running boy & pickup truck at right.
  8. w54msrh.jpgDetail of traffic in distance toward Island Park.
  9. w54msri.jpg Stores and traffic in distance on right.
  10. w54msrj.jpg Detail of stores on right, Clarks Cafe,

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