Cowley County Historical Museum
Drawer 1, Envelope 3-a2, Index Number on Photo 2210

Hand colored, Red/white awnings on 1st Nat Bank. Looking east on 9th street at ground level, from west side of Main St. Bicycle. 1890?

  1. 3a2210a.jpg The image above.
  2. 3a2210b.jpg Wide image looking east on 9th, at this res. the image is beginning to look like a painting. Large building on left burned and was replaced, date???
  3. 3a2210c.jpg NE corner, 9th & Main. Note red & white awnings.
  4. 3a2210d.jpg Top two floor of building on NE corner.
  5. 3a2210e.jpg Entry to First National Bank, building on south side on 9th, Kiosk.
  6. 3a2210f.jpg Upper floors of FNB building, Knight of Pithias, can't quite read doctors sign.
  7. 3a2210g.jpg Awining on north side of street, looks like French impressionist painting of the same period.
  8. 3a2210h.jpg Same on south side of street. Note sign for May 5.

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