OLD WINFIELD LANDMARKS - Panel Seven Winfield Public Library Exhibit

Old North Hall

The first building to be built on the Southwestern College campus, it was opened as a classroom in 1887 and was condemned as unsafe in 1949, just a few months before Richardson Hall was destroyed by fire. It was on the site of the present Mossman Hall. Martha Jean Robinson recalls that "when I was 10, my parents put me on a bus near our home close to the old high school every Saturday morning to go to North Hall to attend my expression lessons. Helen Graham had a studio on the top floor and there were umpteen steps to climb. I’d be breathless by the time I got to the top, but this was a fun adventure for me. (It was four-stories tall with high main-entrance steps.) Years later, when I attended Southwestern, I was in one of Helen Graham’s dramatic classes."

Howard Buffum April, 2000