The American Legion post in Winfield, Kansas was the first post organized in Kansas. It was originally called Post number 1.

Later the State organization approached Winfield and suggested that the post in the state capital should be desiginated as post 1. After much discussion the Winfield post accedded to the states request. However they stipulated that since they already had sewn material that refered to post 1, they wanted to conserve that material by adding a zero to the 1, making Winfield post 10. This was agreed to.

The first post home was on the third floor of the Cowley County National Bank. This is the north east corner of the intersection of Ninth avenue and Main street.

They moved to the second floor of 903 Main street. This was just south of the Winfield National Bank, and above the Johnson variety store. Today that location is above the north half of Graves Drug Store.

January 4, 1940 a fire started in the basement of the Johnson variety store and gutted that store and the American legion post. The fire spread to the Bergevin drug store, south of Johnson's, and to Dr. Fall's offices on the second floor.

Pictures of all Winfield soldiers who died in the First World War were lost in the fire. Also pictures of all previous post commanders.