Winfield Bakeries.


When I (Richard Kay Wortman) was a young man growing up in Winfield, there was McConn’s bakery. It seemed like it had been at 114 East Tenth forever and would be there forever. It seemed old fashioned since you had to go up some wooden steps to go inside as I dont remember any other business with steps.

Now that I am older, McConn’s bakery has disappeared from the Winfield scene. I asked myself where it came from and where did it go.

I st6arted with the fact that I remembered that Fannie and Ollie McConn owned and ran the bakery and Richard McConn was a driver. I assumed that they were spinster sisters and Richard was a relative. I was wrong.

The Cusick family moved from Crocker, Missouri to Winfield in 1909. The family was composed of;

John, father, born

Martha, mother born

Olive (Ollie), dau. born 1/5/1893, died 11/26/1970

Fannie, dau. Born 12/2/1897, died 11/23/1981

Nora, dau. Born

Mamie, dau. Born 10/8/1909, died 7/15/1984

The McConn family moved from Arkansas City to Winfield in 1902. The family was composed of;

Horace, father born

Minnie, mother born

Henry E., son born

Mark H., son born 1/14/1898, died 7/31/1967

Francis, dau. Born

Grace, dau born


Ollie Cusick married Henry E. McConn of April 11, 1917 in Winfield. They were divorced and had no children.

Fannie Cusick married Mark H. McConn on August 29, 1918. They were divorced after they had one son, Richard McConn. Richard McConn married Vida Deckard, and moved to Dallas, Texas. Mark McConn remarried, August 29, 1926, to Esta Williams who died in Winfield on November 26, 1971.

Nora Cusick married Martin McGuire who died after they had one child, Patricia, who married James Marshall and resides in Dallas, Texas. Nora remarried W.A. (Bill) King in 1950 and he died in 1959.

Bill King operated Kings Confectionery for a number of years.

Mamie Cusick married a Mr. Wise.


Now let us look at the existing City Directories.

1885 - There was a restaurant and bakery, called the Winfield Bakery, at 920 Main Street, run by T. F. Axtell.

1888 - No listing of a kakery at 920 Main Street. T. F. Axtell was then a partner in the Axtell and Freeman Undertakers at 11th Street, at the rear of the Opera House. No business was listed at 912 Main.

1908 - Holtke Restaurant was at 920 Main Street and the Owl Drug Store was at 912 Main.

By 1910 Holtke had moved to 922 Main Street and Ollie Cusick was an cook and R. L. May was a baker there. Henry Harvey had a bakery at 920 Main Street. J. A. Garrick had a bakery at 914 Main Street.

By 1912 Holtke was back at 920 Main Street. R.L. Mlay had started a bakery at 116 East Tenth.

In 1914 Henry E. McConn was a baker at Holtke’s Cafe and Bakery at 920 Main Street. Mark H. McConn was a driver at the same place. They both lived at 1008 Main. I don’t know where Ollie Cusick was but Fannie Cusick was a clerk at R.L. May’s bakery.

In 1917 Holtke was at 920 Main Street. Newell Osterhout had a bakery at 912 Main Street. Bish and Son had a bakery at 702 East Seventh. T.L. Mays had a bakery at 116 East Tenth.

In 1919 The McConn brothers, Mark and Henry, were operators of both 912 and 920 Main. The McConn brothers were then married to the Cusick sisters, Ollie and Fammie, who were now working at the bakery. Mrs. Martha Cusick was also working tht the bakery. Martin McGuire, who later married Nora Cusick, was a baker there. Bish bakery was still at 702 East Seventy and May’s bakery was at 116 East Tenth. Lierman’s harness shop was at 114 East Tenth.

In 1921 the Holtke Sanitary Bakery was at 912 Main and McConnBrothers were at 920 Main. T.L. May was still at 116 East Tenth. M. K. Bish had renamed his bakery at 702 East Sixth the Ohio Bakery.

In 1923 McConn Brothers were at 920 Main. Holtke Sanitary Bakery was at 912 Main. Mays bakery had moved to 906 East Sixth. 116 East Tenth was vacent. Bish had sold to Tommy Carson at 702 East Seventh. Carl Denton was a baker at Holtke’s.

In 1925 Mark and Henry McConn were listed as being with the Sanitary Bakery at 912 Main. Carl Denton was married and worked at "Baker and Denton" at 318 lEast Ninth. Martin McGuire and his wife Nora both worked at McConns Cafe and Bakery at 920 Main.

In 1927, Mrs Fannie McConn and Mrs. Ollie McConn owned and operated the cafe and bakery at 920 Main.

In 1933, McConns bakery was at 920 Main and Liermans Harness shop was at 114 East Tenth. Ollie and Fannie McConn were living at 1305 Millington with their sister Mora McGuire. Tommy Carson had a bakery at 210 West Ninth.

In 1937 the McConn sisters bakery was at 114/116 East Tenth.

In 1950 Schaeffer was at 114/116 East Tenth. Bill King married Nora McGuire and was running Kings Confectionary.

1952 Raymond C.Freeman was at 114/116 east Tenth. Fannie was a waitress at the White Lily Cafe and Ollie was a taitress at lEllingers Cafe. Bill King was running the City Cigar store.