Winfield - Methodist-Episcopal Church


Will C. Robinson wrote in his 1924 book AFootprints@ the following. AI think the next matter of very great improtance was the establishment of the Methodist-Episcopal ChurchCalways a power. The first service were here was with plain board seats on Main Street in what was the first store and nkown as the >old Log Store,= second lot north of Ninth Avenue of West Side (Lot 11, block 108) and conducted by Rev. B. C. Swartz.@

AThe First Methodist Episcopal Church building was in the second block east on Ninth Avenue, south side (block 7-8, lot 149), a little frame building well back, abouth where the Watson Grocery Store is today (1924). It would seat probably one hundred people. I think this building was erected under the supervision of Dr. W. G. Graham. I am not sure, but think he built and paid for it himself.@

Courier, January 6, 1883. The Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev. P. F. Jones, pastor, has a membership of three hundred and four. Scholars in regular attendance at its Sunday school, 175; average attendance on service, 400. The church is prosperous and constantly growing. Its church building is of magnesian limestone, is 40 x 60 feet in size with tower and entrance at corner; pulpit in rear endClecture room 20 x 40 cut off front with folding doors and gallery same size above lecture roomCoval ceiling 18 feet high at sides, stained glass windows, and handsomely furnished, cost $10,000.