Winfield - Presbyterian Church


Will Robinson wrote in his 1924 book AFootprints@ the following A The Presbyterians had their own building and moved their Sunday School into it. It was a very nice building with a basement on the corner of Tenth and Millington. It was built in 1877, and was afterwards bought by the government, and on which the Post Office now stands. (Now the administration building for School District 465. RKW)

Courier, January 6, 1883. The Presbyterian Church of Winfield is among the strongest of this denomination in the state, having 194 members; 250 children attend its Sunday school and receive instruction from 20 teachers. Its church building, which is now entirely paid for, is constructed of stone and brick and is 42 x 62 feet in size, with a tower at the corner 14 x 14, surmounted by a spire containing a bell. The main audience room occupies the whole upper floor, while the basement story is divided into three different rooms, which are used for different purposes. The building cost $8,000 and the furniture $1,500. The church is fitted with stained glass windows, hard wood pews, handsomely carpeted, and furnished with a fine organ. Rev.

J. E. Platter has been with this church for nine years.