Salvation Army in Winfield


The following is extracted from the Book entitled the Life and Adventures of Josiah Mooso. He moved to Winfield, Ks in 1871 and was living there when he wrote his book in 1888.

Apparently the Salvation Army came to Winfield about 1883. A young lady named Yoke was commissioned as a lieutenant and given charge of the Winfield Corps, when after a few months she was promoted to captain. A Miss Yoder, who had been a teacher, abandoned her calling and became a co-worker with Captain Yoke. She has since been promoted to captain and was transfered to Kansas City, Kansas. In 1888 Captain Yoke received orders to go to Newton. The Winfield Corps then became under the charge of Captain Eva Bowen.

The barracks are now in the north of Winfield, situated on Main Street.


Arkansas City Republican, March 19, 1887. The Visitor says Winfield has been taken posssession of by the Salvation Army.