Winfield Music History Project

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Other Resources:

  • Early School Articles from Cowley County Newspapers 1871-1879
  • Old Newspapers of Cowley County
  • As you will note if you read the above referenced documents, we are trying to initiate a project to collect and compile material about the musical history of Winfield. There is a lot of material around, but it needs ot be organized, collated, indexed and desiminated with commentary on the web. We are looking for someone with the necessary knowledge and interest to head up this project. As with our other projects, this in an informal task, with no defined starting point or stopping point, and no particular guides along the way. We are just an aggregation of people who are interested and motivated and curious. But now most of us are booked up with our own projects and lack the time to do this project justice.

    I will be glad to make my web site available to continue to house the material. Who would like to be nominally in charge? Send me a note.

    The following is the arbitrary mailing list I assembled of people who may be interested in the Musical History of Winfield or may know people who should be added to this list. When you get tired of getting email from this list sent me a note and I will take you off. If you know someone who should be added, send me their email and I will add them.

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