The Baer Family name in Arkansas City, Kansas Newspapers

Arkansas City Republican, January 31, 1885.
Some parties were down on the canal shooting Tuesday evening, and a stray bullet found its way through the window of David Baer's home, located near the canal. The bullet smashed the glass to pieces and flattened itself against the stove. Had anyone been passing between the window at that instant, a serious accident would have happened. Such carelessness in the discharge of firearms is unnecessary and inexcusable.

Arkansas City Republican, September 19, 1885.
BAER & ENDICOTT, Proprietors.
Have now on hand 200,000 first class brick at their yard
See their sign at the Gate on the road leading to the South Bridge.

Arkansas City Republican, Saturday, March 6, 1886.
Have now on hand 200,000 first class brick at their yard
One Mile south of Town.
See their sign at the Gate on the road leading to the South Bridge.

Arkansas City Republican, April 24, 1886.
New School House.
The contract for the new school building was let Monday evening by the school board to the following parties.
J. E. Beck & Co., agrees to do the excavating and lay the basement walls ready to receive the brick for $595.70.
Geo. Haysel was awarded the contract for cutting the stone for the building. His bid was $413.
Baer & Endicott was awarded the contract for the brick work; their bid was $2,108.
H. H. Hyatt bid $1,100 for the wood work and received the contract.
Ferguson & Thomas received the contract for the painting. Their bid was $340.
G. B. Shaw & Co.'s bid on lumber was the lowest, and the contract was let to them. They put in a bid of $2,125.
Howard Bros., agreed to furnish the hardware for $90, and the nails at the rate of $3.50 per keg.
G. W. Miller received the contract for the tin-work. Their bid was $28.42.
The site selected to erect the building is in the 2nd ward, near the residence of Edward Grady.

Arkansas City Traveler, April 28, 1886.
Meeting of the School Board.
There was a meeting of the school board on Monday, the 19th last, at which a slight breeze was blown up. The president of the board, before that body convened, suggested that a secret session be held, but no such resolution was adopted by the board. In the early part of the session, William Gall, the architect of the proposed schoolhouse, entered the room, but was
requested by the president to retire, as the board was in secret session. He made a hasty exit. Others also entered, who on receiving a similar notification, also made themselves scarce. Finally Prof. Weir presented himself, and was requested by Rev. Witt to retire; but that gentleman thought he had a right to be present, so he took his seat and remained there during
the meeting. Some delay in the work will be caused by this bluff practice on Mr. Gall, as it is his duty to notify the contractors whose bids have been received of the fact. He naturally feels annoyed, and says the next time he is invited to leave a meeting he has a right to attend, he will know what authority he is dealing with.

The following are the bids that were accepted.
J. E. Beck & Co., basement complete, $595.70.
Baer & Endicott, brick in walls, $2,108.
H. H. Hyatt, carpenter work, $1,100.
G. W. Lacey, lathing and plastering, $650.
George Hasel, cut stone, $413.
G. B. Shaw & Co., lumber, $2,125.
Ferguson & Thomas, painting, $340.
Howard Bros. Hardware, $90.
G. W. Miller, tinwork, $28.42.
Total (exclusive of nails): $7,450.12

Measures will be taken to condemn the site for the building in the second ward.

Arkansas City Republican, August 7, 1886.
Seven lots in the second ward belonging to Dr. C. R. Fowler and F. E. Balyeat, were sold yesterday to P.
F. Endicott and David Baer, for $2,300. These gentlemen will each commence to erect soon a handsome
two-story brick residence.

Arkansas City Republican, March 5, 1887.
Have now on hand 200,000 first class brick at their yard One Mile south of Town.
See their sign at the Gate on the road leading to the South Bridge.



Fund For the Relief of Colorado Flood Sufferers is Growing

Over eight hundred dollars has been subscribed up to date for the benefit fund for the Pueblo flood sufferers, according to an announcement made this afternoon by the secretary of the Chamber of Commerce. Part of these subscriptions have not as yet been paid. The total sum now is $852.50.

Those people who have subscribed toward the fund are urged again to turn in their payments at once as it is necessary that this fund be sent out soon. The Pueblo people are in need of the money now and it is urgent that the money be taken in at once.

Following is a total list of those who have subscribed toward the fund for the Pueblo victims.

$50.00 pledges-Kanotex Refining company; Home National bank.
$25.00 pledges-Hill Investment company; A. C. Milling company; Faulconer-Dale-Swarts.
$20.00 pledges-New Era Milling company.
$15.00 pledges-Dawson-Bishop Produce Co.; Oldroyd & Sons; Keefe, LeStourgeon Co.
$10.00 pledges-Comley Lumber company; Collinson Hardware company; Mrs. A. J. Hunt; Beard Foundry; Houston Lumber company; Dr. R. Claude Young; Kirkpatrick Furniture Co.; Badger Lumber Co.; Henneberry & Company; Boyer Hdw. Co.; W. N. Harris; A. C. Transfer Co.; A. C. Sand Co.; Dr. Chas. Dunning; Daily News.
$ 5.00 pledges-C. N. Hunt; Osage hotel; W. H. Nelson; O. O. Holt; James R. Hull; John Ames; Busy Bee; A. C. Paine and Paper Co.; Mrs. Virginia Hamilton; Dr. Milton Hahn; C. C. Lytal; Hall-Finney; Mrs. Johanna Henneberry; Houston-Hill; Sturtz Inv. Co.; Co-operative grocery; Reed Farrell; A. C. Bottling works; A. C. Business college; A. C. Floral Co.; A. C. Traveler; Huffman & Ward; Lee Biggs; Geo. L. Beard; H. D. Baylis; Hill-Howard; Bunnell Inv.
Co.; Saddle Rock cafe; Geo. S. Hartley; Dr. C. H. House; C. A. Bahruth; J. L. Brown; Mrs. Mary Curtis; E. G. Collins.

$ 2.00 pledgesCMrs. Mary Clarke; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Martin; W. E. Hall; Robert Cox
Chas. Herriford; H. W. Hendryx; E. C. Dye; W. T. Hamm; Mrs. Anna Ramsey; Mears Bros.; J. E. Cantrell; E. I. Leach; Russell Bros.; Mrs. J. O. Campbell; John Heffelfinger; Maude B. Harmon; Mrs. W. V. Reynolds; Mrs. Paul Way; Dr. H. J. Edwards; The Ideal grocery; J. W. Boyd.

$1.00 pledges-W. L. Martin; J. F. Maus; W. W. Rinehart; Guy Ecroyd; Duval Pharmacy; E. S. Dorrance; Mrs. Ida Buckley; Geo. M. Rooney; Mrs. J. P. Carlson; Mrs. W. G. Robson; Ms. W. V. Reynolds; Mrs. Paul Hartley; H. W. Earlougher; Miss Olive Ramage; Glenn Harrelson; Chas. Holmsten; W. L. Hopkins; John Probst; Sidle Coffee Co.; H. A. Clark; Mrs. H. H. Hill; H. B. Clapp.

Pledges on the Pueblo relief fund that are unpaid.

$25.00 pledges-Security National bank; Kininmonth Produce Co.
$10.00 pledges-A. C. Hide & Junk Co.; P. M. Clarke; J. C. Penney Co.; Drs. Day, McKay and Douglass; Wm. Cunningham.

$ 5.00 pledges-Hudson garage; Earl Baxter; E. L. McDowell; Geo. W. Saunders; Shea Furniture Co.; Devlin ready-to-wear; Economy Cash grocery; Anthony Carlton; Chicago store; Baer bakery; Ellis Billings; Palace Grocery; Newman Motor Co.; Davis Bros.; Domestic laundry; Fifth Avenue book store; Fifth Avenue hotel.

$ 3.00 pledges-J. T. Reeder; E. H. Clayton.

$ 2.50 pledges-J. R. Hayden.

$ 2.00 pledges-W. H. Hill; O. B. Seyster; R. R. Sawtell; Guy Curfman; Geo. B. Cornish; A. A. McAtee; Pete Hill; Fitch music store; C. N. Coleman.

$ 1.00 pledges-Chas. Shoup; Chester Harris; A. McAdams; G. G. Sawtell; Ray Seeley; Chas. Early; P. H. Richmond; Chas. Sills; Elston-McEwen Produce Co.; Dr. McCall; H. A. Schramm; Derry bakery; W. H. Rector.

Pledges, but no amount stated:

Doug Shaw; Service Motor shop; Scott & Son; Roseberry-MacAllister; Mattie Rice;
CORRECT]; Frank Seal; Swartz Electric Co.; F. L. Richey.



John Peters Buys Bendure Grocery Store on North A Street.

John Peters, for fifteen years a resident of the little town of Ashton, in Sumner county, west of here, has located in Arkansas City and will in the future make his home in the best city in Kansas. Mr. Peters was in the city this morning looking for a suitable residence in which to reside here, and he expects to bring his family here the first of the coming week. He has
purchased the grocery store of A. L. Bendure, located at 426 North A Street, and he will take charge of the business there next Monday morning. Mr. Peters has been in the grocery business at Ashton for a number of years and he is not a stranger here, by any means. He will endeavor to keep up the already splendid reputation of this store and will carry a fine stock of goods all the time.

The Bendure store was formerly known as the Baer grocery and was owned by W. J. Baer, who first opened the store at that location.



Robert Wright, colored, was arrested this morning on complaint of A. W. Baer, a groceryman in the north part of town, alleging the passing of a forged check. The check was written for $12.50 and was written on the Home National Bank of this city, made payable to Wright and signed by Clyde Shaw. The trial was set for the 6th of June in Justice Martin's court. Bond was fixed at $500 and the defendant was placed in the city jail pending the making of the bond. Wright was arrested by Deputy Sheriff Ed Pauley and taken into Justice Martin's court.

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