Santa Fe Passenger Depot
Winfield, Kansas

Designed by the architectural firm of J. C. Holland & Company
3D Studio MAX model by W. W. Bottorff

This is the working model. Latest version 4/9/97. Roof lines adjusted. Trim paint changed to light green which is the way I remember it in 1957-1960 or so. The roof is greyed out maybe too much. Jim Davis had taken a picture of the old foundation, which is still in place, so that I can get a realistic background. Maybe we can get one with a modern train going by?

For a very detailed image click WSFDEP11.JPG (a 340K file)

Notes and Comments from email:

Re: Old Winfield Santa Fe Passenger Depot
Tue, 01 Apr 1997 13:23:25
Phil Jarvis <>
"William W. Bottorff" <>

Terrific start on the depot. My recollection is that the water standpipe
was at the other end of the building. In addition I recall that the
windows weren't as high as you have them plus it appears there is some type
of screen on the top which I don't think there was. The building itself
was red brick with (I think) a tile roof instead of wood shingles. If I
can recall add'l details I'll let you know, but as I said before - good start.

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Re: Old Winfield Santa Fe Passenger Depot
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 14:05:25 -0600 (CST)
"William W. Bottorff" <>

Bill, thiis is not only remarkable, but "real neat". I did a print
out of it and have the following comments from personal observation previous
to the destruction of the place years ago.:::
1. I think the water spout for the engines was at the NORTH end, not
the south.

2. The entire north end, where the arches are in this
picture, was OPEN.
3. There is an EXCELLENT photograph of the station available. If
you don't have it available, I can scan a copy of it for you if you'd like.

I don't recall the sign reading "Santa Fe", but will take a
good look when I see the photograph again.
I'm having trouble getting a decent 8 1/2 x 11 copy of the
wonderful air shot of Winfield you sent me. Paint Shop Pro refuses it with
the "not enough memory" jazz.

Re: Old Winfield Santa Fe Passenger Depot
Wed, 09 Apr 97 05:23:11 PDT
"Jim Davis" <>
"William W. Bottorff" <>
1 , 2
the building looks real close to what it was . The two far doors on the
right were used to house the pull freight carts that were used to un- load
the freight from the train. (i used to watch that a lot). 'the big arch
doors on the left were a walk in waiting room for the passangers and there
bags .thoses doors were non-excesting in the 50's. it was all open air.

This 3D Model was generated using the pictures in the Train Depots in Winfield (depots.htm) file.

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