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Births and Deaths of Cowley County, Kansas
as Abstracted from the Winfield Daily Courier and Other Sources 1875-1969

Available only on CD ROM. (ISBN 0-9617907-6-8) 784 pages.

Unless you have some knowledge of Cowley County, Kansas, this certainly could not be of interest to you, right?

Except: Cowley County - right on the Oklahoma border - was a main staging area for the Cherokee Strip Run on September 16, 1893.

15,000 people were involved and many who couldn't make claims stayed in the area.

This is a valuable resource for those times, keeping in mind that at one time Cowley County was the Wild West.

Bob Lawrence demonstrated the CD at our last Cowley County Historical Society meeting. Excitement ensued - CDs were sold. We're small, but serious.

The CD contains:

Each CD contains the complete book in three different formats:

.doc - This is the format in which the original book was written using Word for Windows 95 - version 7.0

.rtf. - "Rich Text Format" which is a format that can be used by virtually any standard word processing program, including Microsoft Wordpad.

.txt - Text format.

Copies of the CD version of the book are $50 U.S. each, postage paid anywhere in the U.S., and can be ordered directly from:

Bob Lawrence
264 S. Willo-Esque
Wichita, KS 67209
(316) 943-2325
Email: Bob Lawrence

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