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We are gathering a select group of artists, craftspeople, musicians and writers
that we feel will appeal to our readers, and here are our first offerings.
For info to join our Business Directory email: Mike and Sheilah Smith

Mark Silversmith Gallery
Featured on the first seven issues of the Four Corners Postcard.
Inquiries to Barbara Silversmith

The African Thumb Piano
Email: Becky Knight and Camera

Oklahoma Cherokee Artist
Jeanne Rorex Bridges
Paintings of hope from a time of despair: The Trail of Tears
Also see her page for good history coverage of this era.

Echota Cherokee Artist
Pat McCallister
Cherokee Mountain Gallery and Cherokee Mountain Lodging
in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Cowley County Kansas History
Four Corners Postcard Editor
Book Introduction and How to Order
Volume Two: The Indians

Births and Deaths in Cowley County Kansas
Valuable information on Cherokee Strip and the Wild West. 1875-1969
by Email: Bob Lawrence
Available only on CD ROM. (ISBN 0-9617907-6-8) 784 pages.

Book Review of
Horsefeathers and Applesauce
20 years of theatrical history in Cowley County, Kansas
by Dan E. Campbell

Cherokee guitarist
Jerry Swallow
The album: Teleride. This is the hottest guitar I have ever heard.
The voice of the Telecaster. Think chainsaw, jackhammer, and laser.


For info email: Mike and Sheilah Smith
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