I have known about the Strontium 90 since the 1960's, and fool that I am, still continued to savor my favorite drink.

See Pectin as a related article.

But now my disgust level has been reached and since January 6, 2000, I have had no:


An "answer man" on some government "Ask the Scientist" page gave this patronizing answer to a query from a K12 project.

"There are more important things to be concerned with than what is in the milk. If you want to know, ask Monsanto. They make the stuff."

The previous statement is half-true: Monsanto does indeed make milk. But what our trusted government man - who has the audacity to slough off inquiring minds - really means is that Monsanto makes Bovine Growth Hormone - BGH.

When BGH is injected into the helpless, hapless cow, it stimulates the milk producing mechanism into high gear.

The plus side is that milk production is increased by 200 to 300 percent. Great idea!

The down side is that a cow's udder is designed to carry about 20 pounds of milk. Simple math tells us that the poor creature is now carrying 40 to 60 pounds. Ouch!

Mastitis develops: Spell that pus.

Strap that sucker on and siphon that stuff out. What else? Oh, yeah. Cancer and leukemia. Of course, there is a lot of controversy about this, so here are the URLs. See how the "espionage act" allows Monsanto to hide the filth. Read the "gaps" report that fills in the info that Monsanto left out. And diabetes  .  .  .

This page says it is safe!
From the University of Minnesota
Here is a little study called:
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PureFood Org.
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Here are two statements from:
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
We Oppose Recombinant
Bovine Growth Hormone
More Ben and Jerry
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anti-rBGH labels.

NotMilk has much Information
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From this point on "milk" is a dirty word.
And Monsanto has one more reason to be on my m--k list!

See related article: Pectin
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