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The year 2000 has interesting challenges; some based on fact - some on fancy. Did you ever walk through the woods, looked back, and everything was strange? It is easy to get lost if we don't check our backtrail often. Another way is to ask the people who have been there. Win, lose, regain, we continue.

Ancient Prophecies Evolution/Creation War On Women
Yellowstone Bison Bird Extinction Tigers-Turtles-Grizzlies-Whales
The History of Medicine Sanity and Prayer Plymouth Thanksgiving
Six Seasons Paleontology Finds The Big Bubble
Atlantis Found Again Curse From The Sky Makah Whalers

Cultural Genocide Of
An "Unrecognized" People
Update 12-11-1999
The Raid

Three Broken Laws
American Indian Religious Freedom Act
Aug. 11, 1978 [S.J. Res. 102]
Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979
Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
Public Law 101-601--NOV. 16, 1990

Food Fight
Greenpeace Arrests Who Owns The Food? Dark Harvest

Walk Through Wonderland
Monsanto Water Monopoly? Asleep At The Switch Mad Hatter's Treaty Party

American Indian Heritage Month National Museum of the American Indian Cherokee Chief Agenda
Mankiller Encourages Activism
North American Independent Indigenous Community, Inc.
Ancestor's Bones: Interested Parties Red River Compact

Political Bedfellows: One Thousand Years of Evil

Senator Chafee Passes Kansas Buffalo Better Than Beef KKK Unmasked

Navajo News
Sacred Objects Returned Navajo Relocation Navajo/Hopi Water

Cherokee Wisdom

Rain Forest Journey
Ecuador in March and April. This has to be great. And you are invited!

Hopi Prophecy

Ancient Prophecies

These were sent to me by email, and were excerpted from:
"Ancient Prophecies For Modern Times" by
Bette Stockbaur.

Hopi prophecies speak of the return of Pahana, their True White Brother, who left them in ancient times, promising to return. They wear their hair in bangs to form a window, they say, by which to see their Elder Brother when He returns. It is also an identifying mark for the Elder Brother to recognize them.

Lakota Sioux:
Black Elk and Crazy Horse were leaders of the Lakota Sioux in the late 1800s, a period which saw in the US the decimation of many native groups. Each had a vision of the future.

Black Elk saw that his people would be plagued by famine and sickness and war. They would lose heart and the sacred hoop of his nation would be broken.

But he saw a vision of his own nation being reunited after seven generations and becoming part of the greater hoop of all the nations of the earth. Then he saw the daybreak star rising in the east, and heard a voice that said:

"It shall be a relative to them, and who shall see it shall see much more, for from there comes Wisdom; and those who do not see it shall be dark." Black Elk thought this meant that a great Prophet from the East would bring a message to his people.

Crazy Horse's vision foretold the darkness that descended on his people. He saw the coming of automobiles and airplanes and the tragic world wars of the modern era. He saw his people gradually awakening after the last war and beginning to dance again under the Sacred Tree.

Then amazingly he saw that dancing along with his people were representatives of all races who had become brothers. Thus he foresaw that the world would be made whole again, not just by his own nation but by all peoples working together.

White Buffalo:
Among the Lakota, the Crow, the Chippewa and other Native American tribes, the White Buffalo is one of the most sacred symbols. It represents purity, sacrifice and a sign that prophecy is being fulfilled. The Messiah honored by the Lakota Sioux is the White Buffalo Calf Woman who brought the Sacred Pipe and established the foundation of their ritual and social life.

When she left, she turned into a white buffalo, and promised some day to return. In 1994 a white buffalo calf was born in Wisconsin; in 1996 another was born in South Dakota. For the native peoples these births have been a sign to "mend the hoop" of the nations, to establish brotherhood within the family of man, and return to a spiritual way of life.

Jake Swamp of the Mohawk nation tells of the Peacemaker, Deganawida, who unified the tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy. The Peacemaker foresaw the turmoil and destruction that would destroy the lives and culture of the Confederacy tribes. But he also saw a time beyond when there would come a great Prophet who would be a World Uniter.

He would come in the same spirit as other prophets before Him, but would renew the spirit of man in a way more worldwide and all-embracing than ever before in history.

In 1969 the elders of Dhyani Ywahoo's Tsalagi/Cherokee group decided to release teachings that have been kept in secret since the conquest.

Through books, lectures and workshops, Dhyani Ywahoo is disseminating that knowledge. She claims that her own Ywahoo lineage was founded by a legendary prophet called the Pale One who rekindled the sacred fires throughout the Americas.

She says: "The Pale One is a cyclically incarnating being. He comes when the people have forgotten their sacred ways, bringing reminders of the Law, recalling all to right relationship. He is expected soon again, and he may be alive even now. It is good."

Among the Australian aboriginals it is believed that each tribe has a responsibility to take care of one part of the environment. They believe that underground minerals are a vital part of the earth's energy grid and are greatly concerned about the excessive mining in modern times, particularly of uranium.

In 1975 the elders met in Canberra, drawing together over 350 Aboriginal people. They gave a warning of cataclysms to come and told the people to go out and teach their knowledge to the world, to prepare it for a future time when we would go back to our beginnings; when all cultures will exist as one.

New Zealand
The Waitaha nation claims the most ancient lineage in New Zealand. When the nation was broken up by warriors from the Pacific the elders concealed 1,000 years of their generational history and wisdom teachings, passing the knowledge on through only a tiny number of people in each generation.

In 1990 the elders saw in the heavens a configuration that was a sign for them to release their sacred knowledge.

A book, The Song of Waitaha, by Barry Brailsford, contains these teachings. In their language wai means water and taha means gourd, implying the idea of a water carrier, the sign of Aquarius.

South America
The Kogi are a pre-Columbian tribe who live an isolated existence in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. They are one of the few who escaped the destruction of the Europeans and still live their lives in accordance with their ancient spiritual heritage.

Alarmed by the excessive mining and deforestation of modern times, in 1990 (for the one and only time) they allowed a BBC television film crew to visit them and document their lives. Calling themselves "The Elder Brothers", they wished to issue an urgent warning to the "younger brothers."

High in their mountain lands, they see that the earth is drying up, the sources of water that should give sustenance to the plains below are no longer vital. They warn us that the earth is dying and, "When the Earth dies we will all die."

Quechua Incan:
Willaru Huarta grew up in the jungles of Peru, studying with the shamans. He says that his native Quechua Incan prophecies predicted the white man's coming would bring 500 years of materialism and imbalance. But now they say that era is coming to an end and the Age of Aquarius will "signal the return of Light to the planet and the dawn of a golden era. We live in a time of the fulfillment of prophecy."

Now he tours the world teaching his simple message: "Humanity should cure itself and give help to the poor. Regenerate yourself with light, and then help those who have poverty of the soul. Return to the inner spirit, which we have abandoned while looking elsewhere for happiness."

The Q’ero:
Another Peruvian group that are releasing prophecy, traveling to the industrialized nations to hold ceremonies and share their vision of the future.
Mayan Prophecy:
Hunbatz Men tells of an ancient confederation of Native American elders made up of representatives from Nicaragua to the Arctic Circle. They have been meeting for thousands of years and continue to do so today. Before the Spaniards came the confederation decided to hide the Mayan teachings, entrusting certain families with their care. Hunbatz Men is an inheritor of that lineage.

In his book Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion, he reveals teachings that mirror the Hindu and Buddhist ones of astrology, meditation, and the septenary root of creation.

He speaks of Kukulcan and Quetzalcoatl, not so much in light of an expected return, but rather in terms of the possibility that each of us can attain the same exalted stage by treading the path of attaining knowledge. "To be Quetzalcoatl or Kukulcanis; to know the seven forces that govern our body — not only know them but also use them and understand their intimate relationship with natural and cosmic laws. We must comprehend the long and short cycles and the solar laws that sustain our lives. We must know how to die, and how to be born."

Don Alejandro Oxlaj is a seventh generation priest from Guatemala and head of the Quiche Maya Elder Council. He has traveled throughout North America, comparing the native prophecies of different tribes. In the coming year he hopes to record and publish, for the first time in 500 years, the Mayan prophecies of his people.

What is enlightening in all of these statements is their consistent tone of reconciliation. The native groups are opening their doors to people of every color, speaking of themselves as Rainbow Warriors. Their elders have reminded them to "remember the original instructions" when each tribe was given by the creator a mandate to follow. That mandate has told them that now is the time to heal the past, despite the centuries of pain and persecution.

Now is the time to join together and work in harmony to rehabilitate the planet and establish an era of alignment and peace.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Apostle Paul said, "For we have been given the Ministry of Reconciliation." This is from the Gospel that is now "ill spoken of." The culture that seems bent on using its teachings for conquest would do well to return to the heart. The scripture that matches all of the foregoing prophecies is: "Your hearts will enlarge and you will flow together." Don't hear that one taught much. END NOTE.

Suggested reading:
At the top of this list for suggested reading I suggest the Bible. Strange that it is the book most often allowed to be read to us rather than studied personally.

"We live in a time of the fulfillment of prophecy."

Excerpted from: "Ancient Prophecies For Modern Times" by Bette Stockbauer.

Bette Stockbauer is a free-lance writer whose philosophical background is Esoteric Christianity, as expressed through the teachings of Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, and Benjamin Creme.

She co-ordinates a Transmission Meditation group in Austin, Texas, and has a bachelor's degree in Sociology. Here is the link to see this whole article or to see other articles by Bette Stockbaur.

Evolution Legislation

As of this writing, over the past four years Arizona, Alabama, Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas, and Nebraska have been working at getting evolution removed from science subjects.

Creationists are gaining a foothold for the Book of Genesis to be accepted literally.

The State of Alabama's textbook's have a sticker that says evolution is controversial, and that:

"Any statement about life's origins should be
considered a theory and not a fact."

Editor's note: There's that word "any" to play with. The Book of Genesis is "any." Confusion breeds confusion. End Note.

Here is a little time line - as much as I could find - of the evolution of creationism in the schools. Contradictions run amok, but this is a beautiful example of the check and balance system that is still alive and well in America.

I remember from my childhood a little poem about evolution. It compared human behavior, such as lying, stealing, cheating, and murder, with monkey society. Then the monkey sums it up: "Man descended, the ornery cuss, but he certainly didn't descend from us."

How Providence, Rhode Island got its name:

A large group of religious folks lived in a small area called Rhode Island Plantation. A smaller group of a different religion moved into the neighborhood.

This could not be allowed, so the big guys began to murder the little guys in the Name of God.

The victims appealed to the Governor and he set aside a little spot for these people to survive and practise religious freedom.

"The Lord has provided!" they cried. Providence.

Do you remember Pat Robertson running for president and garnering a healthy 10% of support? Do you remember Jim Baker having to take hard lumps for his errors, and being kicked-while-down by his "buddy" Jerry Falwell? Why, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Let's write a silly scenario here.

It's Sunday morning and a truck pulls up to your house to help you "tithe." One-tenth of your money and goods (right down to the "mint in the garden") is taken to meet your religious obligation.

Then the bus comes by, with something like "The Only Way To Heaven" painted on it, and you are taken to church.

Once in God's house a rule of silence is imposed upon the women, while the men expound their God-given rights of dominance.

Aw, it can't happen here.

But, it's happening in the Afghanistan

War On Women

This is pared this down, but otherwise the basic information is here as it came to me.

Date: September 08, 1999
The government of Afghanistan is waging a war upon women.

Since the Taliban took power in 1996, women have had to wear burqua and have been beaten and stoned in public for not having the proper attire, even if this means simply not having the mesh covering in front of their eyes.

One woman was beaten to DEATH by an angry mob of fundamentalists for accidentally exposing her arm while she was driving. Another was stoned to death for trying to leave the country with a man that was not a relative.

Here are the Taliban's rules and consequences:
So now the US in declaring sanctions against Afghanistan for terrorism.
Who will suffer, the terrorists or the women?
EDITOR'S NOTE: There was a petition on the Web to protest this. Sadly, another well-intentioned and futile attempt.

Rosa Parks
The First Freedom Rider

May 24, 1999:
The Congressional Gold Medal was awarded to Rosa Parks, the woman whose determination started the Montgomery, AL, bus boycott.

She refused to give up her seat in December of 1955 and in November of 1965 the Supreme Court ruled that segregation on public transportation was unconstitutional.

Meanwhile the folks in West Yellowstone are:
Gearing Up
For The Winter Campaign

The Buffalo Field Campaign is calling for help to Stop The Slaughter of the last wild roaming bison herd. People, money, and supplies are needed in West Yellowstone. These folks are well-organized and they put it on the line.

If you cannot be there in person they will tell you about other ways to help.

For background information see the first article in the Clamor: Yellowstone Bison Battle

Video clips for an "in the field" look at the buffalo and their plight with the Montana Department of Livestock at Buffalo Field Campaign

Email Stop The Slaughter with any questions or for specifics. They have a long wish list. If you can't provide a snowmobile then bring chapstick.

Birds Face Extinction

Birdlife International says that damage to the environment will affect one in eight species of birds in the world. This means 1,200 species extinct in the next 100 years, and as many as 1,000 more in danger.

Countries with the most birds at risk:

Most of these birds live in the forests, but even the sparrows and skylarks have declined by 50% in Europe in the past ten years.

The damage is caused by deforestation, burn-offs, logging, mining, and poor farming practices. People are at risk, too.

President Clinton wanted a bald eagle present for the announcement of
that species' removal from the endangered list. The eagle bit him.

Animal Survival Scoreboard


The Indian Government implemented Project Tiger in 1972 to save the remaining 1800 tigers in that country. Forests were protected and shooting was prohibited. By 1989 the tiger population was at 4300.

They are in danger again: poaching for "tiger parts" and encroachment development, such as dams, has brought the count down to 3500.

The prediction is that by the Year of the Tiger, 2010, there will be none.


How to catch swordfish without hooking turtles, sharks, blue marlin, and albatross? Yes, albatross.

Evidently no one has figured it out, and because the leatherneck turtle is becoming endangered, longline fishing has been banned in thousands of square miles in the Pacific Ocean.

A study that is being conducted in the meantime will take two years, and some environmentalists are seeking a permament ban.

This is a serious blow to fisherman - small operations - and is a tough call.


Only six grizzly bears were killed in October of 1999 when they came into the British Columbia village of Oweekeno. Two of them were cubs.

They were hungry: Grizzlies depend on salmon for as much as 70% of their diet, and the salmon return this year was 3500, compared to the usual 3 million.

The depletion of the salmon run is due to overfishing and the destruction of their breeding grounds.

Eagles and ravens, who also feed mainly on salmon, are also disappearing.

Guess who is going to be hungry next?


One millenium ago there were 100,000 Southern Right Whales, and it took only 35 years to almost wipe them out. Now there are 7,000 and the population is growing at about 7% a year.

This animal can measure 50 feet and weigh 70 tons. The name "right whale" means they were the ones recognized by the whalers as being the most commercial.

The History of Medicine

(Thanks to Ish and Ray.)


Sanity and Prayer

A report entitled "Mental Health Promotion and the Christian Church" says prayer can't hurt. The report also recommends faith and scripture readings and quote:

"Too often religious beliefs, which could offer significant comfort
to patients, were confused by doctors with symptoms
of the mental illness itself."
Ah, too bad it can't be retroactive.

Here are some related articles from past Clamors:

Medicine Men are valid medical expenses.

Sacred Circle Ceremony coincides with cancer remission.

The Right to Believe with link to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Osage Mystery Power and visit the Web site of Jay Gentle Sky.

Thanks Giving in Plymouth

Two years ago 25 Native American Indians were arrested after a Thanksgiving parade confrontation that led to charges of police brutality.

This year limousines carried Native American Indian leaders to be seated as honored guests in the review stand.

"Today is about unity," said Rodney Randy Joseph, a member of the Federation of Old Plymouth Indian Tribes.

Six Seasons

From: "Ron 'Big Bear' Goddard"
Kwe all,
In the Algonquin region of Maniwaki and the Ottawa Valley we have 6 seasons. In the Atikamek Nation language which also apply to the same in the Algonkin region as far the Mik'maq region:

That's it! I rely a lot on this info and have noticed these circles ever since I was taught this 6 yrs ago.
Ron 'BigBear' Goddard

Paleontology Finds

Two new dinosaurs were discovered in Niger:
Jobaria tiguidensis:

Nigersaurus taqueti:
Found in Madagascar:
Found in Siberbia:
A plankton has been found that may be 3.7 billion years old.
The previous record for a living organism was
3.5 billion - no, 2.7 billion - uh, 2.5 billion.

The Big Bubble

There is possible new proof of an old theory that a giant methane bubble rising from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean was a factor in the rise of the mammals.

Scientists believe that the methane was in the form of ice that had been created under great pressure, and because of its density had sunk to the bottom.

This ice was then crushed by pressure from an underwater reef and the methane was released. The sudden increase in carbon dioxide (55 million years ago) in the atmosphere caused global warming at the rate we are experiencing today.

This happened about 10 million years after dinsaurs had begun dying off about 65 million years ago. Water temperatures increased by as much as 14 degrees Fahrenheit and many deep sea creatures began to die off.

There are more methane ice chunks still on the ocean floor.

Atlantis Found Again

A British explorer, who has devoted 20 years of his life to the quest, has found Atlantis in Bolivia.

Here's how the proof stacks up. Plato said:

And there you have it   .   .   .   at an altitude of 12,000 feet. He may be correct.

"It is time to officially declare to Bolivia and the world that Bolivia
is where the legendary city most probably existed out of any other
possible site in the world. South Americans shouldn`t call
themselves South Americans, but rather Atlantians."

He has a book, "Atlantis: The Andes Solution," but I'm waiting for the movie.

Curse From The Sky

In January of 1980 a TV was flown in to a village of the Gwich'in, People of the Caribou, who have tradition going back more than 1,000 generations. They now have satellite dishes with over 300 channels.

In less than 20 years, these folks are losing story-telling, hunting, language, tradition - their children.

The electronic salesman has convinced them that canned (food and thought) is better. Manufactured has replaced homemade: moccasins to Nikes, dog sleds to snowmobiles, jerky to bubblegum.

The trees are gone and the village wallows in broken appliances, abandoned cars, and candy wrappers.

The caribou are tracked by satellite, but the young hunters can't tell cow from bull.

And now they lock their doors.


A Whale Has Been Taken

An article in Blue Eagle Newsletter - taken from the First Nations Digest. Here is is, slightly shortened, but powerful in the telling.

FIRST_NATIONS Digest - May 16, 1999 to May 17, 1999
Special issue(#1999-320) From: Storm Reyes

Using the words of a Makah Elder: "This morning, a whale presented itself to the Makah people and offered itself to the whalers and was taken."

It was my privilege to be able to the watch the entire hunt this morning on TV. At least two stations carried it, so now I report what I saw with my own eyes. On Saturday, the Makah went to hunt and protestors buzzed the canoe and the whales so badly that one, for certain, and possibly two whales were injured by the protestors' aluminum boat.

The protestor boats went right over the back of the whale in an effort to "protect" the whale. Blood was clearly visible on one whale where the engines and boat bottom had cut it. As a result, the Coast Guard confiscated 3 boats and a jet ski.

This morning at 4:30 am, the whalers took to the sea. There were no protest boats out (Coast Guard had all the small ones locked up). Although I had been taught how a relation offers itself to the people, I have never before witnessed it. It was a magic moment.

There were four whales in the sea. The first the Makah approached, turned itself alway from them and they left it. The whalers approached the second. It waited for them and when the canoe was close and the harpooner stood, the whale raised its head out of the water right next to the canoe. There was a moment when you could almost hear the whale and harpooner speak to each other.

The harpoon was thrown and stuck. The whale began to move out. A second harpoon was thrown, and then the whalers got a wild ride.

When the first harpoon struck, the whale thrashed some and the canoe was right above it. There was fear the canoe would overturn, but the whale was careful and never raised its tail or tried to harm the whalers. In just a few moments, the support boat pulled alongside the whale and a third harpoon with a heavier line was thrown and struck.

The whalers on the support boat shot at the whale three times, missing on the first two. The whale again raised its head high and the third shot killed it instantly. The entire hunt lasted just 10 minutes.

The Makah are now towing the whale to a beach where the people are waiting to do ceremony. Media will not be allowed at the ceremony. After the ceremony, the whale will be rendered by the Makah and distributed to the people.

Puyallups, Nisquallys, Tulups (and I'm sure others) peoples are on the rez today to support the Makah, particularly after what happened Saturday which was so incredibly dangerous and explosive.

A reporter this morning spoke with people at a restaurant on the rez (the only restaurant BTW). She said that as they watched the hunt, the mood was quiet and somber and when the whale was taken, a prayer attitude prevailed. There was no whooping and hollaring, just a quiet respectful moment and lots of tears of gratitude. The whalers, themselves, were hugging each other and raising their paddles in the air.

After the whale was taken, the large Sea Shephard boat raced toward the canoe at a really high rate of speed and broke the 500 feet boundary.

I applaud the Coast Guard and the men who protected the whalers. A small rubber dingy with 3 Coast Guard personnel put itself between the large ship and the canoe and the ship turned away before hitting the dingy.

Please hold the Makah and the whale in your prayers this day.
I am in awe of what I saw this morning.

Another Sad Loss

Mendota Links at end of article.

This article is begun (November 26, 1999) before the finality, but the conclusion is foregone.

Update 12-11-1999
The Raid

First here is part of an email from Deb Huglin
Coordinating Archaeologist E.M.I.T.A.
(Early Man in the Americas)

" You may recall that the indigenous Americans were blatantly left out of the President's Committee on Race last fall, and there is no assistance from the government or the BIA.

"In fact, even though the area the Mendota are defending is the probable area of the old fashioned Sky Burials (which means there are the remains of their Ancestors all over the place as they fell from the trees with age), the Minnesota Historic Preservation people claimed they had done extensive research and excavation there and proved there were "no graves".

They did nothing of the sort, and I am the consulting
Archaeologist for the Mendota People.

"The Mendota People have followed all the legal procedures and been thwarted at every turn. They complied with a list of 10,000 local inhabitants demanding the preservation of the Grove, they went to court and got stays of destruction, they proved that it was indeed a Sacred Place.

"Many Tribal Members provided affidavits and testaments (all legal according to the requirements of the state) so that the place would be protected under the federal
Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act and the
Protection of Indigenous Beliefs laws...all to no avail.

"The media information has been suppressed, as the first attack by the MinnDOT militia came last winter where they had 600 uniformed and armed law enforcement agents "remove" 36 Mendota People and environmentalists." End Email.

And here are some examples the developments as they unfolded:
EDITOR: So here we are: Feeling the helplessness of good folks on all sides as a juggernaut of greed and hate rumbles across our homeland and the planet:
people who are trying to guard their sacred trusts, pitted against people who are sworn to uphold the law and who know that the law is not being upheld by the people in power. End note.

We await the next email.

Update as of 5:30 p.m. central time December 11. 1999,

At 7 a.m. the camp was raided.

The people were arrested.

The Sacred Oaks were cut.

If you would like to know what laws are being broken (and by guess who) the following documents are at this Web site:
American Indian Religious Freedom Act
Aug. 11, 1978 [S.J. Res. 102]
Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979
Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
Public Law 101-601--NOV. 16, 1990

Here are links to people who worked very hard, day by day accounts of the struggle, and photographs of this beautiful grove.
Betsy Barnum
Taking Responsibility for the Earth
Stop The Reroute
Source for background, science and political links. Photos of the Occupation
Mdewakanton Mendota Band MendotaDakota Mendota Sacred Sites

The new prisoners of war.

Greenpeace Arrests

Though the United States has approved 50 varieties of genetically modified crops, Britain has approved none - yet.

GM crops are being "hotly debated" in Britain, with many against allowing any experimentation and others supporting test crops. At this time there are five large fields and 100 small fields involved in genetic testing.

The executive director of Greenpeace, Lord Melchett, and 30 other protestors have been arrested for the destruction of a six-acre test plot of genetically modified corn - from AgriEvo - before it could flower. They used a tractor with a mower - and their feet.

The Greenpeace folks say they were acting "for the people," and the Government says there cannot be debate without giving the tests a chance.

Both sides remain committed to their respective courses of action.

PS: Monsanto has accomplished a legal ban on protests. Also, the genetic companies claim that if any of the pollen from their plants mix with any other plants - for example by blowing into another field - their patent has been used without permission.

There have already been cases of fields near test plots being destroyed when the GM plants cross-pollinated. The policy is "trespass if necessary." I guess this comes under the legality of "hot pursuit."

Who Owns the Food?

The country of Kenya, representing all of Africa, has set forth a proposal to the World Trade Organization, stating that no plants, animals, or micro-organisms be patented.

Africa is gathering other developing countries to join with them to ask that the Bio-Diversity Convention, and the Food and Agriculture Organization's International Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources, be included in decisions concerning Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights.

Under the 1994 World Trade Organization agreement there is "mandatory patenting" of "some life forms and natural processes," and this could restrict the use of genetic resources.

Now, that is clear and simple enough, but there seems to be another issue mixed in with this.

In 1997 South Africa allowed the manufacture of generic drugs to fight the HIV epidemic that is affecting 23 million people in sub-Sahara Africa. This is legal.

But now, South Africa, as well as Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, and India have been accused of unfair trade tactics concerning patent rights.

We are in a serious gray area here. To group all life forms as unpatentable will certainly assure that foods that only grow in certain parts of the world will not become property of large companies. An example would be the patenting of bananas by an American company. This would actually allow the company to "own" produce of another company.

And guess what? You don't have to - here it is.
The House Foods Corporation, of Japan, has filed application number 06090838
with the Japanese Patent Office, and claims that curry has been invented by
Hirayama Makoto and Ohashi Sachiyo. This would allow them the right,
under the World Trade Organization, to be paid a royalty on
any product containing curry that enters Japan.
The government of India has been heard from.

See also:
Terminator Techology in a past issue of the Clamor. It seemed so much simpler at the time. Talk about owing your soul to the company store.

But - and it's a big one - if no life-forms are patentable then drug companies would have no incentive to develop vaccines. There are already many people with rare diseases and disorders that go untreated because the treatment is not "profitable."

Food plants have traveled around the globe, and no country relies on its own "native" foods anymore. A walk through the produce section is a lesson in history.

I could write thousands of words depicting all the possible scenarios of hunger versus disease.

It is a shame that what used to be called commerce has degenerated into forms of blackmail.

This will only be resolved with terrible human sacrifice - or a complete change of human conscience.

And here is how that works:

A Dark Harvest
Bringing in the Sheaves

Editor's note: I began working on this article in late summer as the info came in - it was a long article - and now it has been compressed to this. Don't peek at the surprise ending!

Before this fall's grain harvest the following decisions had been made:

The American Corn Growers Association claimed that trust has been betrayed.

Grain elevators considered the following problems with contamination caused by mixing:

Farmers that did not plant GM crops are being promised "premium prices" for corn and soybeans.

Monsanto in St. Louis: "We believe farmers will continue to adopt the technology."

The president of Bio-Plant Research complains about "indecision" in the market. (My little comment here was, "It sounds pretty decisive to me.")

Problems (both present and imminent) with the rejection of GM seed brought these reactions:

OK, here is the big surprise:

Email: Posted Thursday, September 23, 1999

Monsanto Reports Few Grain Handlers Are Segregating Non-Biotech Crops.

This article is taken from a Monsanto news release.

It's business as usual at most grain elevators across the Midwest this fall. Despite some rumors to the contrary, the vast majority of grain handlers are commingling all export-approved grain they receive, whether or not it has been improved through biotechnology.

A survey last week by Sparks Companies, Inc. (SCI), a Memphis commodity research firm, found that only eight (8) percent of Midwest grain elevators are segregating non-biotech soybeans from commodity soybeans and only 11 percent are segregating non-biotech corn.

The majority of elevators don't ask if the grain they're receiving has been improved through biotechnology, according to the survey, which involved 100 elevators in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and South Dakota. According to SCI, the sample size adequately reflects the market in those states.

Of the small number of elevators segrgating non-biotech soy or corn, just a few are paying farmers a premium for the non-biotech crop. Only three (3) percent of the elevators surveyed said they are paying a premium for non-biotech soybeans.

Only one percent of the elevators in the survey said they are paying a premium for non-biotech corn. Not a single elevator surveyed was discounting biotech corn and soybeans.

Carl Casale, director of Monsanto's North American agricultural business, said the results of the survey reinforce for us the important fact that biotech crops are part of the commodity mix and that the demand for premium-priced non-biotech grain is small.

"This survey helps put the segregation noise in perspective. The fact is that non-biotech crops continue to be an opportunity for only a few growers to serve the niche needs and budgets of specialty buyers," Casale said. "It's unfortunate that there is confusion in the marketplace during harvest, especially now with growers facing economic difficulties."

Roundup Ready soybeans and YieldGard corn have approvals for export worldwide. Regulatory agencies in the largest importing regions--including Europe and Japan--have said the biotech-enhanced crops are as safe and nutritious as other soybeans and corn. End Monsanto news release.

I knew everyone would do the right thing.

EDITOR NOTE: Now that the grains have been mixed, they will be interplanted, Genetically Modified and open-pollinated in the same field. Then they will cross-breed and all the resulting seed will be Genetically Modified - and the patent royalties will have to be paid to Monsanto, etc. Those rascals have not taken the food supply. It was given to them. END NOTE.
BUT: The Dark Harvest Darkens

Switzerland has raised another concern based on research by their Federal Bureau for the Environment, Forests and Landscape. In addition to other crops being pollinated by GM plants, or the pollen being a contaminate in honey, they have some very nasty news concerning the human body.

The maize being grown in Britain was engineered using parts of antibiotic-resistance gene, and this could lead to "resistance to several key penicillins used to combat fatal diseases such as meningitis."

The maize has been banned in Switzerland and the Swiss say that all other field trials should "stop immediately."

And Darker

The British already new it! And shared the knowledge with the USA! I am leaving this email intact.

Science in Society Contact: Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

MAFF Reveals New Scientific Findings Confirming
Fears Over Health Hazards of GMOs

The following warnings come from a letter from N. Tomlinson of UK MAFF's Joint Food Safety and Standards Group dated 4 December 1998 to the US FDA, commenting on its draft document, "Guidance for Industry: Use of Antibiotic Resistance Marker Genes in Transgenic Plants".

The letter from MAFF cites new findings from the University of Leeds showing "the relative difficulty with which plant DNA is degraded during processing"(p.4).

It mentions other new research showing that bacteria in the mouth can take up foreign DNA and express the gene(s); and transformable bacteria are also present in the respiratory tract.

MAFF warns that "there is a case to be concerned about the problem of gene transfer to environmental organisms" and that bacteria that have taken up the antibiotic resistance genes

"could also act as a gene pool that may
interact with human pathogens." (p.4).

"The widespread use of transgenics carrying antibiotic resistance marker genes will involve a massive amplification of these genes in the biosphere.

"Whether or not these genes are expressed, amplification on the scale that will occur when transgenic crops are planted in large fields means that arguments about the rarity of possible transfer events will become less significant." (p.5).

MAFF cites recent publications showing that transgenic DNA may gain access into mammalian cells by being carried in pathogenic bacteria that invade cells.

The ampicillin-resistance marker gene encodes a beta-lactamase which inactivates penicillin and other penicillin-like antibiotics. This gene is highly mutable, and hence capable of extending its spectrum of resistence to many other similar antibiotics.

"Human respiratory flora contains notable potential pathogens including Neisseria meningitidis and Streptococcus pneumoniae. These bacteria do not currently exhibit high-level, beta-lactamase mediated resistance to penicillins." (p.5)

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, a scientist who has been warning of these possibilities of horizontal gene transfer to unrelated species for several years, says, "It is irresponsible for the Government to continue with the massive farm-scale field trials in view of the evidence its own scientists are taking into account."

She points out that transgenic pollen can travel for miles. Not only farm workers and food processors, but the general public will also be exposed to transgenic DNA, while bees will certainly take it up and contaminate the honey.

There is no provision to monitor for horizontal gene transfer or impacts on health in the current farm-scale trials.

The current farm-scale field trials involve herbicide-tolerant transgenic maize and canola. The transgenic maize carries a 'disrupted' ampicilllin-resistance gene, which is not expressed. However, given the mutability of that gene, it may become re-activated in bacteria.

Three billion people live on less than $2.00 a day.
One billion people live on less than $1.00 a day.
Statistics courtesy of the World Bank.

This came in email from Ishgooda, who is a very active watchdog.
I do not subscribe to this Activist Mailing List as I am crazy enough,
but this came through an organic farming list which I do subscribe to.
Here it is unedited. Fair use, I hope.

Date: Monday, September 27, 1999 4:21 PM
Monsanto wants to corner

The Market On Water

INDEPENDENT (London) September 26
By Geoffrey Lean

MONSANTO, the genetically modified food giant, drew up plans to make billions of dollars out of the world's water crisis, confidential company documents reveal. The documents, seen by the Independent on Sunday, identify a "vast economic opportunity" for the company in impending global shortages of resources such as water.

They outline a strategy to use "environmental issues" to "deliver strong financial returns" and create "a compelling possible future for Monsanto - financially, strategically and aspirationally."

The revelation of the strategy - drawn up in connection with recently dropped plans to establish water businesses in India and Mexico - follows the publication 10 days ago of a report on the growing global environmental crisis by the United Nations Environment Programme.

The GEO 2000 report identifies impending water shortage as the world's greatest environmental problem after global warming. It says that over one-third of the world's people already live in countries suffering "water stress" and that, on present trends, two-thirds will do so by the year 2025. It adds: "The declining state of the world's freshwater resources may prove to be the dominant issue on the environment and development agenda of the coming century."

The confidential Monsanto document - a "sustainable development sector strategy" and a "water business plan" use the same statistics and take up the same theme. The business plan adds that two billion people worldwide "still lack reasonable access to safe water" and says that this is likely to rise to 2.5 billion over the next decade.

The document, like much of Monsanto's material on genetically modified foods, is written in idealistic language. The strategy paper says that one of its aims, as well as strengthening Monsanto, is "to help solve some of the world's major environmental issues and to improve quality of life in the process". It concludes: "We at Monsanto have been given the rare opportunity to enjoy the wealth of spirit that comes from doing the right thing while we are doing business."

But the documents display a sharp sense of the gains for Monsanto, both now and in the future: "Initial entry into the water business will create US$400m in annual revenues . furthermore, extension of the water platform beyond the safe and healthy water business has the potential to create several billion dollars in annual revenue."

It adds that there would be "other strategic benefits", including "reshaping Monsanto's image as a more sustainable and environmentally positive company".

It goes on: "Population growth and economic development will apply increasing pressure on natural resource markets. Those pressures, and the world's desire to prevent the consequences of those pressures if unabated, will create vast economic opportunity."

Yesterday Dr Vandana Shiva, director of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology in New Delhi, India, said: "Monsanto is seeking a new business opportunity because of the emerging water crisis. Since water is as central to food production as seed, and without water life is not possible, Monsanto is now trying to establish its control over it . [as] a source of guaranteed profits. Privatisation and commodification of water are a threat to the right to life."

A Monsanto spokesman confirmed that the company had made plans to exploit the world water situation but had decided several months ago not to proceed. "We do not like to talk too much about plans that were never completed," he said. But he did not rule out that the company might return to them in the future.

Reprinted under the Fair Use doctrine of international copyright law.

Tsonkwadiyonrat (We are ONE Spirit) Unenh onhwa' Awayaton

Thanks for this one Ish.

Asleep At The Switch

.   .   .   Again.

Hoaxes are the subject - "well-intentioned" is the excuse. And it is no excuse at all.

I have once again been suckered - this makes 3 (count 'em) 3 times. The first hoax I forwarded was about a tax on email, the second I do not remember the topic - a mind block there - and this latest was about canceling of funds to PBS.

Each time I received an announcement it was from a "reliable source" and I, being a "reliable source," was concerned and sent the info on.

I'm losing my credibility, even to me.

In the Hopi Ten Point Check List number nine is, "Don't look outside yourself for the leader."

So can I criticize the perpetrators of hoaxes for not being responsible? Yes, and look to myself. Can I criticize my "reliable source" for not checking first? Oh yeah, and it's me again.

How about zeal and concern? No excuse!

The learning process is more complicated in these times. We are bombarded with confusion and fear, and we want to fix the world. I know I'd like to.

So, with every attempt to set things straight there is the possibility of twisting things further.

There is a story of Diogenes, who took his lamp and went out into the world to search for an honest man. After 200 or so years, he was asked if he had found an honest man yet.

His reply: "So far I've managed to hold on to my lamp."

Here's what I'm gonna do: Keep on keepin' on, learning as I go, and takin' the rap when I'm wrong. Arggh!

And here is a rap-in-the-making:

Mad Hatter's Treaty Party

Alice (in Wonderland) sat down at the Mad Hatter's Tea party and he asked her, "More tea?"

She answered, "How can I have more when I haven't had any?"

Hold that thought.

Early in November George W. Bush said:

"My view is that state law reigns supreme when it comes to the Indians, whether it be gambling or any other issue."

And here are a few of the issues:

Now here is a puzzler:
"Governor Bush believes the states should have the opportunity to work out a fair settlement with Indian tribes without interference from the federal government."

And here is how he does it: SEE: Red River Compact That's enough. You get the picture.

There have always been a breed of men apart that want everything. Cultures have taken turns controlling empires and dynasties, or tyrants have reinvented cultures.

Powerful leaders have always promised "peace" to the privileged. The Mayan Empire had 500 years of peace.

Hitler took crime (by independent operators) off the streets. Mussolini made the trains run on time.

When the Soviet Union fell, it brought about Sarajevo, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, and everywhere. Small countries are now demanding help from centralized power: The United Nations.

The Navajo appealed to the UN and that group is considering sanctions against the US for ongoing human rights abuse in Arizona. My latest info is that some sort of "slap on the hand" was administered. Abuses continue.

Enough and Ahem.

Without bothering to untangle this - and I challenge any mortal to do so - here is the end game.

Mr.Bush is after a one-world governemt, as his father is. He brings up the issue of state's rights not because he believes in them, but because they appeal to the people he is trying to manipulate.

In many ongoing confrontations, Mendota and West Yellowstone for example, the demonstrators are appealing to the Federal government to control the states. In gaming the reverse is the case.

The next result will be a demand for a "higher" power to give "protection." This will lead to an appeal to the UN, as in the human rights issue in Arizona.

Then who will speak of "sovereignty?" Watch for a harsh confrontation between NATO and the UN, because alliances are being re-negotiated.

Two "higher" powers fighting to be the "supreme" power; two big dogs making scraps of the people. END of opinion. - and probably the start of another email flood.

More treaties? We haven't honored any. Lies are a very shaky way
to build a government "of, by, and for the people."
If you would like a copy of any of the 370 treaties Write to: Diplomatic Branch,
National Archives and Records Services, Washington, DC 20408.
A duplicate of a treaty is available upon request for a fee.
The agency will also answer questions about specific Indian treaties.

It's official.

National American Indian Heritage Month

NOW, THEREFORE, I, WILLIAM J. CLINTON, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim November 1998 as National American Indian Heritage Month. I urge all Americans, as well as their elected representatives at the Federal, State, local, and tribal levels, to observe this month with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-ninth day of October, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and ninety-eight, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and twenty-third.


After reading this I must bow to a superior writer and leave it in its entirety. It would have been more respectful to give the link address, but I don't have it, so I apologize for that, but this is too powerful not to be heard in the exact voice of the author.

So, out of respect, I'm stealing it! Or, "sharing it" without permission.

Hiding Genocide:
The National Museum of the American Indian

By Carter Camp

There is an enormous cultural rip-off being foisted upon our Nations by Washington D.C. I've warned of it before, but a small voice is easily drowned out when millions of dollars are being spent and the voice of the Great White Father anoints Indian leaders.

For a decade or more the Smithsonian fundraising machine has gone merrily along, draining much needed funds away from the Indian community and diverting America's attention away from the economic, cultural and legal devastation going on across our homelands.

Many interest groups coveted the final two vacant spaces on the National Mall. Congress in its wisdom awarded one site to a very politically powerful (and deserving) Jewish applicant and another to the very politically powerful Smithsonian Institution, their 'keeper of the loot'.

Contrast the two new museums and you can see how they are used to support a conqueror's cleansed view of history: For the Jewish museum no thought at all was given to using it to show the world ancient Jewish culture and artifacts.

They could have displayed scenes of ancient Jewish life: hunting, tanning hides and pastoral living. Like an Indian museum, it would have been beautiful and easy for people to enjoy.

It wasn't done that way for one reason...The Jewish people were in charge and they decided for themselves what aspect of their history to show the world.

They decided with one voice to use the rare space as a shield
to protect their people against a repeat of the Nazi holocaust.

Jewish politicians funded and protected Jewish intellectuals, artists, historians, Rabbis, and survivors as they crafted a way to commemorate their dead and to use their past to protect their future.

They refused to allow the dreams of others to distort the truth of their horror, and now their museum is a powerful testament to a Jewish dream, not a gentile revision of reality.

Our space, and the world's window to our Nations, was turned over to the Smithsonian Institution to enshrine the lie of 'manifest destiny' and the historical inevitability of the American Holocaust.

America's museums have always been a prime purveyor of the big lies of American history, now the largest and worst is given an army of non-Indian historians, anthros, romance writers and a couple of Indian scouts, to define us to the world.

THEY decided with one voice NOT to use our rare and precious space as a shield of truth against the American Holocaust or to prevent the conclusion of its evil purpose against my people.

We still die, our sacred sites are paved over, our dead dug up, our children stolen and mis-educated. Missionaries search the jungle for the last of us.

American's sensibilities are being spared at the cost of continuing depredations against Indian people.

Americans will go to the Holocaust Museum and be told the horrible truths of what Hitler and the Nazi's did to the Jews. They will cry for the victims and mourn with the survivors, in the end they too will be determined to protect the Jewish people from a repeat of the Holocaust. All thinking people support this.

They will also be comforted (and exempted) to know that America defeated the Nazi, stopped the killing, and helped Jews return to their homeland.

Next, Americans can walk over to the museum of 'Indian' history. They will be amazed and pleased at the beauty of our past. Scenes of tipis, tanning hides and pastoral living will hide the blood covering every-square-inch of America. Our blood.

They will go home marveling at our ancient art and beauty and a little sad we had to pass into history. They may even feel a twinge of guilt at the part their ancestors played in our demise.

But they will go away without seeing or knowing the "time of horror" each and every Tribe went through upon contact with the European. They will go home without realizing how much of the slaughter was an officially inspired, government planned, and racist policy of genocide.

They will not realize the depth of the crime committed so they will not understand the crimes being committed today or the need for reparations to heal the devastation. They will not understand that there were entire Societies for whom the "final solution" worked.

Entire Tribes, as whole and complete as the Jewish Tribes, were completely erased from Mother Earth. Their language will never be heard, their poetry, music, science and art is lost to the world because they met a people who believed in their own, god given, superiority and the inferiority of all else. (The base cause of all genocide.)

They will go home without feeling the need to help Indian Nations secure their own homelands or becoming determined there never is another American Holocaust.

Worst of all, they will go home and not know that
our people still suffer ongoing policies of genocide
and attacks on our existence.

Missionaries and Governments still work and plan to erase us from the face of our Mother Earth. Indian Country, from the Artic to Antarctica, is still awash in the blood of our People.

Should American Indians be suspicious about the placement and content of these two Museums? Jew and "Indian?" Did it take some C.I.A. psy-war expert to figure out how best to cover-up the murder of over 200 million people? Will this museum, with a mere nod to the 500-year holocaust, stand as the permanent enshrinement of the American lie and the final resting place of Indian history?

I believe there should be a holocaust museum on Americas National Mall, in Americas Capitol city. But not one of the European disasters. It must be a Bright Red Museum of the American Holocaust! It must call the roll of entire Nations of beautiful people who succumbed to the genocidal onslaught. "IT MUST BEGIN OUR TIME OF MOURNING BY ENDING OUR TIME OF FEAR" ...for all my relations.

EDITORS NOTE: Mr. Carter Camp's indightment of the Smithsonian Museum is correct and the power of that organization to shape history is as subtle as book-burning. Read the
Native American Graves and Repatriation Act for yourself or just take a quick glance at these paragraphs of definitions of Federal Agencies and Museums that exempt the Smithsonian. Take my name off of it!

The Cherokee Agenda

Chad Smith, the newly elected Principal Chief of The Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma, is also a lawyer, and he has gone to work with a dedication to change the public image of Native American Indians.

In a speech to law students at the University of New Mexico, Principal Chief Chad Smith said that tribes are to be recognized as governments dealing with the U.S. government; written laws and treaties are clear, the courts are ignoring them, and instead are following a "vague public policy" of bigotry and greed against Native American Indians.

An example of this concerns the Arkansas River in northeastern Oklahoma:

Also on the Principal Chief's agenda is sending a delagate to Congress within two years. This is also a treaty issue that has not been honored.

Quotes from Chad Smith:

"Indians need to maintain their cultural identity in order
to change the rest of the country's view of them."

"We're at the crisis point," he said. That view is based on a mix of hard evidence - Cherokee children aren't learning their tribal language, for example - and tribal lore. The children, the 14th generation of Cherokees since contact with the Europeans, have traditionally been viewed as the fulcrum on which the Cherokees' future will turn, he said.

EDITORS NOTE: This is interesting in that the 14th generation in Anglo society - the Millenium Generation - is considered to be a turning point also. So I say this about that. (First of all, I am not a Native American Indian, and, as always, I only speak for myself.)

I am sickened by this continual pettiness of people in power who are supposed to be representing the values that this country is to stand for.

It seems to me that many tribes have brilliant check and balance systems: The War Chief (male) and Peace Chief (female) is worthy of emulating; also the Navajo ideas of the women owning the orchards, for example.

We need to have a true Congress of the People, and show respect for and to the people who have an understanding of the land, the water, the animals, and the connections in the Creator's plan that sustain the life on this planet.

We also need a Young People's Congress (don't trust anyone over 30) and listen to those who are inheriting this mess and are concerned. End of Soapbox.

Mankiller Encourages Activism

Former Cherokee Chief Wilma Mankiller, in a recent speech, said that key issues to Native American Indians are political activism, strength in sovereignty, sustaining tribal identity, and solving their own problems.

"If I were 20 years younger and in better health, I would run for Congress myself. We have to do more than talk about it. We have to do it."

And here is some "doing it."

NAIIC Network

This came from the Blue Eagle Newsletter and is a Q and A about the North American Independent Indigenous Community.

Email: BlackWolf Director, NAIIC

I would like to know more about this project and about how it came about. You had mentioned in your letter that it was non-profit and 501 (c) (3), so I am assuming that it is an established organization. Does your organization have a web page?

History:We started this project in 1994 as a result of over 30 NA and mixed bloods gathering to discuss what we could do to support each other in this part of the world.

We are Mohawk, Dineh, Apache, Lakhota, Cheyenne, Yaqui, Cherokee, Ute, Oneida, Pomo and several others (I just can't remember everybody's relationship....have enough trouble remembering my own!!!)

We decided to try to develop a group which would help each other in doing the necessary ceremonies here since most of us can't get home to do them.

None of us are rich or have the time to travel to the homelands to do the ceremonies and return to jobs. Many of us would move back to the rez but most don't want to go back to the racist poverty stricken places that we escaped from. So, we decided to develop our own community where we can help each other.

Our charter is on file in the Secretary Of State's Office and is listed as the "North American Independent Indigenous Community, Inc." We are a Texas Non-profit and have our 501(c)(3) on file with the state and with the IRS.

You are welcome to contact the State but we will send you a one page copy of the acceptance/award by the state and a clipped copy of our IRS form (without the number) if you like. Our papers were filed in 1997. No web page yet but we are working on it.

What tribe/Nation are you connected with?

I am Lakhota/Plains Cree but am not registered. Our group consists of several tribes. We do not demand a blood card or an enrollment card...only that each member adhere to the traditions of their "claimed" relationship.

If you are Cheyenne then you follow those traditions. We pretty much accept those who follow the Red Road. Many of our group are enrolled members of their tribe but live here due to school, job, medical reasons or military service.

Are these trailers going to be used strictly for NA's?

These mobile homes are going to be used primarily for those who are NA. There are a couple of families who are mixed-blood and are white but who follow the traditions they have been taught (Dineh and Lakhota) who wish to live with us. The group has accepted them in ceremonies and in social activities.

Also, could you please tell me what NAIIC stands for and what is your position with this organization?

NAIIC is North American Independent Indigenous Community and I am the "elected" Executive Director, garbage man, dog catcher, gardener and water pipe installer!

I hope I have given you what you needed...if not then please feel free to ask more specific questions. I respond well to specific questions but don't do so well with " tell me about your project". There's so much to say and I don't type all that well!!!

Email: BlackWolf Director, NAIIC

DONATIONS: We would like to ask those who can to send donations to:

5033 Hueco Tanks Rd.
El Paso, TX 79938

All donations are tax deductible since we are a tax exempt, 501 (c)(3) community. Please feel free to reprint this in your newsletter. We really do need all the help we can get!

From: Deb Huglin

Ask Tusweca

Ancestor's Bones:
Interested Parties

NAS win recognition in Tennessee, for now

For the first time ever a Tennessee court ruled June 29th, 1999 that Native American's are "interested parties" in a termination and removal suit regarding Native American graves. This is in regards to TDOT's plan to widen Hillsboro Road at Old Hickory Boulevard.

There are two suits in this case in that burials straddle Williamson and Davidson County lines. Actions are being held separately in Chancery Court in both counties, in and of itself a unique occurrence.

However, the Tennessee State District Attorney's office has stepped in to contest the recognition of Native Americans as "interested parties" by the Williamson County court. The final hearing for the Williamson County case is set for July 22nd, 1999 and a hearing for the Davidson County case is set for hearing August 27th, 1999.

In the meantime, a hearing for interlocutory appeal will be heard in Williamson County Chancery court July 12, 1999 as well as a motion for error in the court recognizing Native Americans as "interested parties".


Order of Court June 29th, 1999

19. The testimony of these Native Americans constitutes the finding of the Court concerning the religious beliefs and rights of conscience of the Native American defendants as said beliefs and rights of conscience apply to the burial grounds and remains at issue in this case.

The same must be respected even though the Department of Transportation sees a need for a "slope" from a road to be built so as to interfere with the remains.

20. The Native Americans listed as defendants above have a right in and incident to the burial ground at issue in this case. It is a fundamental right protected by two parts of Article I, Section 3 of the Declaration of Rights of the Tennessee Constitution: "That all men have a natural and indefeasible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own conscience" and

"that no human authority can, in any case whatever,
control or interfere with the rights of conscience."

21. Conscience is that moral sense in man which dictates to him right and wrong." Harden v. State, 216 SW. 2d 708, 711 (Tenn.1948). The "moral sense" of the Native Americans who are interested persons in this case and all Native Americans who hold to traditional Native American religious beliefs is that it is morally wrong and religiously offensive for the remains of a deceased Native American to be disturbed at all by "human authority."

The State of Tennessee, the Department of Transportation, its Commissioner, the Attorney General and Tennessee Courts are "human authorities." "In any case whatever," these "human authorities" cannot control or interfere with the rights of conscience or religious beliefs of the Native Americans in this case by removing the remains of the Native Americans from these graves or burial grounds unless there is a legally recognized exception to the enforcement of this fundamental right. That exception in Tennessee Law is called the "compelling" or "substantial" state interest text.

22. In State ex rel. Swann v. Pack, 527 S.W. 2d 99, 107 (Tenn.1975), the Tennessee Supreme Court held that Article I, Section 3 of the Tennessee Constitution "contains a substantially stronger guaranty of religious freedoms" than the federal constitution. The Court added: "The government must view all citizens and all religious beliefs with absolute and uncompromising neutrality.

The day this Country ceases to countenance irreligion or bizarre religions, it will cease to be free for all religions. We must prefer none and disparage none." Id. The Court then noted the compelling state interest exception to enforcement of Article I, Section 3, at page 107 as follows:

This is not to say; however, that this or any other religious group has an absolute and unbridled right to pursue any practice of its own choosing. The right to believe is absolute; the right to act is subject to reasonable regulation designed to protect a compelling state interest.

23. It would violate the Native Americans' fundamental right under Article I, Section 3 not to find them to have the required statutory "right' to be "interested persons" under T.C.A. 464-102.

At the final hearing in this cause, in order for this Court to grant the relief prayed for in Plaintiffs petition, the Plaintiff State of Tennessee must carry its burden of proof under T.C.A. 46-4-101 and 464-104 and also demonstrate a compelling or substantial state interest to remove the Native American remains in favor of a new slope from the road, as that test is defined in State ex rel. Swann v. Pack, 527 S.W. 2d at 111:

We hold that under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and under the substantially stronger provisions of Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution of Tennessee, a religious practice may be limited, curtailed or restrained to the point of outright prohibition, where it involves a clear and present danger to the interests of society; but the action of the state must be reasonable and reasonably dictated by the needs and demands of society as determined by the nature of the activity as balanced against societal interests.

Essentially, therefore, the problem becomes one of a balancing of the interest between religious freedom and the preservation of the health, safety and morals of society. The scales must be weighed in favor of religious freedom, and yet the balance is delicate.

The right to the free exercise of religion is not absolute and unconditional. Nor is its sweep susceptible of discrete and concrete compartmentalization. If is perforce, of necessity, a vague and nebulous notion, defying the certainties of definition and the niceties of description.

At some point the freedom of the individual must wane and the power, duty and interest of the state becomes compelling and dominant. The right to the free exercise of religion is not absolute and unconditional.

But, again, the scales are always weighted in favor of free exercise and the state its interest must be compelling; it must be substantial; the danger must be clear and present and so grave as to endanger paramount public interest.

24. If Plaintiff State of Tennessee does not carry its burden of proof at trial to show a "compelling" or "substantial" state interest under the Pack case in removing the remains of the Native Americans at issue, the remains shall not be removed and the road must therefore be "widened" around the remains or the slope constructed in some accommodating manner not to disturb the remains.

25. Toye Heape as Executive Director of the Tennessee Commission on Indian Affairs and the Commission on Indian Affairs are also "interested persons" and shall be named defendants under T.C.A. 46-4-103 (b). Their rights in and "incident to" the burial grounds at issue principally arise from statute and administrative rules.

This is the reaction of the plaintif (State of Tennessee.)
Filed with the Court July 2nd, 1999


3. Petitioner believes that the court's holding will affect all land in Williamson County which may contain ancient remains and artifacts. The holding would delay if not halt development of property which landowners' would otherwise be able to develop.

In the case at bar, as in Bailey, there is no statutory provision authorizing suit by groups such as the Commission on Indian Affairs or Eastern Band of Cherokees. As such, those groups should not be permitted to intervene in this matter.

"The only rights the Native Americans have with regard to the excavation of burial grounds are the rights to oversee the excavation and subsequent reinterment process as stated in §§ 11-6-116 and 11-6-119.

Petitioner believes that this right to oversee is the only right that Native Americans have regarding burial WHEREFORE, movant respectfully requests the court to permit Petitioner interlocutory appeal of the court's previous order declaring as "interested persons" the Tennessee Commission on Indian Affairs and the fifteen (15) Native Americans appearing before the Court on June 14,1999 grounds.

Native Americans have absolutely no rights under §§ 11-6-101 et seq. to contest the excavation of burial grounds and the reinterment of the remains found therein."



WHEREFORE, movant respectfully requests the court to permit Petitioner interlocutory appeal of the court's previous order declaring as "interested persons" the Tennessee Commission on Indian Affairs and the fifteen (15) Native Americans appearing before the Court on June 14,1999.



1. The Court erred in finding that the Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs and its executive director Toye Heape are "interested persons" as defined by Tenn. Code Ann. § 46-4-102.

2. The Court erred in finding that Medicine Bird Black Bear White Eagle, Albert Bender, Leela Vaughn, Gilbert Cupp, Roger Clinch, Dan Kirby, Grady Jones, Michael Simms, Norman Totten, Marion Dunn, Edna Faye, Dale Mitchell, Robin Lockwood, Anita Stevens and Shelia Totten are "interested persons" as defined by Tenn, Code Ann. § 46-4-102.

WHEREFORE, movant respectfully requests the Court to vacate its judgement by denying "interested persons" status as defined by Tenn. Code Ann. § 46-4-102 to the Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs and its executive director Toye Heape and the fifteen Native Americans appearing before the Court on June 14, 1999, who asserted that they are "interested persons" as defined by Tenn. Code Ann. § 46-4-102.

The 'State of Tennessee' has taken great exception to the court finding that Native Americans, tribes, commissions, organizations, etc. are interested parties in burial termination issues.

The two above motions are to be heard July 12nd at 9am, CST. The excerpts above are of motions and rebuttals of the Tennessee DAS office in regards to the order of the court dated 6/29/99.

Please, all who can attend do.


Three Oklahoma Tribes Protest
Red River Boundary Pact

by Liz Pollard

ANADARKO, Oct. 25, 1999 - On Tuesday, October 19, 1999, a proposal was introduced in Congress which raised a red flag for the Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache tribes of Oklahoma.

The KCA, a consortium of tribes, called an emergency meeting of its Intertribal Land Use Committee (KCAILUC) on Oct. 21 which extended into Oct. 22, said Alonzo Chalepah, Vice Chairman of the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma, to decide on action to take in response to this threat.

The Red River Compact, as it is commonly referred to, was passed by the state of Texas in May of this year and by the state of Oklahoma in June. It was subsequently signed by Governor Bush of Texas and Governor Keating of Oklahoma, and it was introduced in Congress last week as H.J. Resolution 72, "granting the consent of Congress to the Red River Boundary Compact."

The boundary between the two states of Texas and Oklahoma, based on the course of the Red River, necessarily passes directly through the land which was the old Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache reservations (see map) and is still public land held in trust by the federal government for those tribes.

This boundary was established by the Supreme Court in 1925 as the south bank of the Red River. In 1926, the royalties on oil and gas deposits from the south half of the river were designated by an act of Congress for a trust fund to benefit the members of the three tribes.

The commission which put together the Red River Compact contained one representative from the three Indian nations, said Emily Saupitty, Apache member of the KCAILUC. The fact that they are sovereign nations in their own right was given little or no consideration next to the states.

Said Earl Yeahquo, Kiowa tribal chairman, "The Boundary Commission must recognize tribal sovereignty." The committee favors the southern bank of the Red River for the state boundary, as it has been since 1925.

The Red River Compact calls for a permanent boundary to be established along the vegetation line on the south bank of the Red River. This poses problems for the KCA tribes in that

Texas does not acknowledge public lands,

and it is feared that as a result, the tribes will lose their rights to the resources of such territories. Emily Saupitty also pointed out that many of the individual allottees in the three tribes will lose considerable land under the compact.

Henry Kostzuta, Apache tribal chairman, noted that both governors have already approved this compact, and he commented,

"George W. Bush wants to be President, and he's already
trying to take Indian lands."

The Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache nations have decided to take action to protest and combat this compact. According to the KCAILUC chairman, Melvin Kerchee, Jr., Comanche, the National Congress of American Indians has been contacted and is cooperating fully in this effort.

The committee is sending letters to all members of Congress, with the help of NCAI, as well as to Kevin Gover, Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs, NCAI itself, and the Bureau of Land Management. A position paper has been prepared to send with these letters, and a concentrated lobbying effort is taking shape.

The deadline for the compact to be approved and take effect is December 31, 1999. Kerchee said the committee "must convince Congressmen of the importance of Indian needs in the Red River Valley."

The next few weeks will present an interesting struggle and a crucial one for the Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache, as evidenced by the committee's deliberations.

Liz Pollard

KCA Opposition to Red River Boundary Compact
Draws Support from Many Important Sources.

by Liz Pollard

ANADARKO, OK, Nov. 20, 1999 - The Kiowa, Comanche, and Apache Tribes (KCA) of Oklahoma have made some progress in their opposition to the Red River Boundary Compact (H.J.Res 72), a struggle reported on in this paper last month.

On Oct. 25, 1999 The KCA Intertribal Land Use Committee (KCAILUC) passed a resolution, #99-13, expressing its support of the laws as set by the Supreme Court on the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma, as well as their concern that their rights and jurisdiction in lands formerly part of their reservations be maintained.

At the request of the KCA, the National Congress of American Indians wrote to Bruce Babbitt, Secretary of the Interior, asking his support of the KCA's position. NCAI also wrote a similar letter to the Chairmen of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Orrin Hatch, of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell, of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Henry Hyde, and of the House Resources Committee, Rep. Don Young.

The letters requested that no further action be taken on H.J.Res. 72 until the KCA representatives have a chance to present their concerns to Congress. It also pointed out that the sovereign entities represented by these tribes were given inadequate representation and protection in the deliberations of the Texas and Oklahoma Boundary Commissions.

On November 9, Babbitt wrote to Congressman Hyde, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, supporting the concerns of KCA and further elaborating the reasons for them. He also requested an amendment to the Red River Boundary Compact, which the KCAILUC supported in a resolution on November 10. Babbitt requested the following language be inserted in H.J.Res. 72 to amend it:

"The compact shall not affect or diminish
any present or future rights and interest

of the Kiowa, Comanche and Apache Tribes, the Chickasaw Nation and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, and their members or successors in interests, nor any boundaries that are now, or may be established, under federal law, nor shall this Compact affect or abate the sovereign rights, jurisdiction, or other governmental interests, of the Kiowa, Comanche and Apache Tribes, the Chickasaw Nation and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, presently existing, or which may be acknowledged, by federal and tribal law."

Babbitt's letter also pointed out that 1,600 acres of land on the Red River are held in trust for the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations, twenty-six trust allotments in the area are held by Kiowa, Comanche and Apache Tribes, and approximately twenty-five restricted allotments are held by members of the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations that border the Red River.

It also expressed concern that confusion will result from the change in boundary recommended by the Red River Boundary Compact unless the rights of the tribes are explicitly protected by an amendment to the compact.

James Dunegan, Chairman of the Oklahoma Red River Boundary Commission, wrote to Congressman Henry Hyde on November 15 concerning Babbitt's suggested amendment. The commission supports the amendment, he said, with some minor wording changes.

On November 15, Charles Blackwell, Chickasaw Ambassador to the United States of America, wrote to the House Judiciary Committee requesting that their interests also be included in amending H.J.Res.72. The Chickasaw Nation desires to protect the 290 miles of the Red River which was formerly the southern boundary of its reservation, he said. Pursuant to that interest, he stated, the Chickasaw Nation supports the amendment presented by Secretary Babbitt.

Presently, the issue rests while awaiting further consideration on the floor of the House of Representatives, which seems likely to be delayed until the next session of Congress after the new year begins, according to Mary Pewo, KCA staff member.

Email: Elizabeth "Liz" Pollard
Smoke Signals Enterprises
505 W. Louisiana Ave.
Anadarko, OK 73005 (405)247-2251

On the Web: Smoke Signals Enterprises

Web sites designed and developed include:

American Indian Exposition                 Moccasin Telegraph

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One Thousand Years of Evil

A poll by the New York Post asked 20,000 people, "Who is the most evil person of the last 1,000 years?"

Some of the choices on the list were a review of nightmares:

And our own home-grown misery: As would be expected, Adolf Hitler was the number one choice for the evil of the century, with 1,664 votes = 8.67 percent.

Also expected was Stalin being "honored" with a high score: 1,284 votes = 6.69 percent.

Two people who were not on the list and had to be voted by write-in ballots:

Stand by your man.

Senator John Chafee Passes

The passing of Senator Chaffe, chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, has left a void that is of a great concern to environmental groups.

He was the "only Republican, pro-environmental voice on the committee," according to the Sierra Club political director, Daniel Weiss, and was a guardian of clean air and water, and waste cleanup programs.

The two choices for new chairman - who are both approved by business leaders as friendly to business - are:

Both candidates are against any new air pollution controls.

Buffalo Better than Beef

At a seminar hosted by Sunflower Resource Conservation and Development of Kansas a rancher spoke of the advantages of raising buffalo rather than cattle.

Tom Price, of Oxford, Kansas, bought 15 buffalo heifers and two bulls in North Dakota in 1988, and his herd is now 250.

Livestock producers who are not pleased with the return they are getting on cattle may want to consider raising buffalo. Tom Price said it has worked for him, and shows "a steady upward trend."

Advantages of the buffalo are:

Mr. Price says that he prefers not to de-horn his buffalo because they "lose character."

The KKK Unmasked

A point I would like to present first is that we should be thankful that the American Constitution guarantees the right to peaceful assembly.

And so should the Church of the American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, from Butler, Indiana.

Sixteen of their members stood unmasked and silent in New York City in October of 1999 while thousands of angry people registered their disapproval.

Loudly, but peacefully.

You could tell the "good guys" - they were dressed in white.

New York City has a law - passed in 1845 - that says folks cannot wear masks while gathered in public. Banks frown on it, too.

Lawyers - just doing their job - said that the masks "protected the Klan's right to free speech."

The Grand Wizard of the Butler, IN, group said that there would have been 100 people if they could have hidden their faces. His words.

Now there's a real minority group.

What's the problem? Invent an online alias - something subtle would be a good idea - and go into the chat rooms and have at it.

We're waiting to hear from you. Betcha can't do it without giving it all away. Unmasked online, too!

Navajo News

Navajo Sacred Items Returned

In September of 1999 four sacred Navajo objects were returned after ten years of absence.

The items are hundreds of years old and are a mask, a tortoise shell, and "two coverings that may be drum heads or ceremonial vessel coverings."

The thief had taken them from a cave in 1986, they were tracked to dealers in Santa Fe and New York, recovered in 1991 in a Santa Fe gallery and a Tucson, AZ home, and in 1992 a New Mexico man pleaded guilty to the crime.

Now that is the long arm of the law.

Navajo Relocation Update

Dineh who are living on the Hopi Partioned Lands were given the deadline of March 31, 1997 to sign the Accommodation Agreement and those that refused to sign were told that they would be evicted before February 1, 2000.

Those who did sign were told that the Bennett Freeze would be lifted, and they would be allowed increased grazing.

In these past years there have been complaints by those who did not sign: unidentified flyovers, and continued hassles from the BIA and Hopi rangers.

There have been no evictions.

Notices to vacate were served a year ago, and eleven non-signers still refuse.

Now it is up to the U.S. Attorney, and the legal process ahead is long and involved: court, higher court, Supreme Court.

Cathy Colbert, Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Attorney's Arizona District Office in Phoenix:

doubts that the evictions will ever take place.

But they keep on pumping that water.

There was a brief mention of this in the previous Clamor Five, but I want to present the article as it came to me in its entirety, because there are indications that this issue was swept under the rug.

I am not letting go of this; these people are being hurt.

So here again is:

Human Rights Abuse
At Big Mountain

The following article was sent in by Mauro Oliveira of SOL Communications.

UN Human Rights Delegation Holds Hearings on Forced Relocation and Religious Persecution of the Dineh people

by Shawn Ewald and Lyn Gerry
for The A-Infos News Service

BIG MOUNTAIN, NORTHEASTERN ARIZONA -- On February 2nd and 3rd, 1998 at the home of Glenna Begay, a tradtional Dineh elder, hearings were held by Mr. Abdelfattah Amor of the UN Commission on Human Rights, and several UN affiliated NGO's.

They were investigating charges of the forced relocation of traditional Dineh people from their homes, religious persecution against those who practice traditional Dineh beliefs, and environmental degradation of traditional Dineh lands by Peabody Coal Company.

The hearings were the result of a complaint filed by the Dineh in 1997 charging the US Federal Government with human rights violations.

The hearings are an attempt to pressure the US Federal Government to repeal Public Laws 93-531 and 104-301 which have legalized the denial of access to water, livestock confiscation, the denial of the right to gather firewood for the Dineh to heat their homes in winter -

even in cases of life threatening illness,

and the denial of the right of theDineh to make improvements in their housing.

See Clamor One: Bennett Freeze

The Dineh filed the complaint because the US Federal Government has consistently blocked any attempt by the Dineh to address their grievances in a US court.

The Dineh also hope that the United Nations will formally charge the United States with human rights violations.

British-owned Peabody Coal Company (henceforth, PCC), the world's largest privately-held coal company, operates the Black Mesa/Kayenta strip mine in the heart of the Black Mesa region of the Dineh reservation.

Over 4,000 burial and sacred sites have been destroyed as a result of strip mining. There is no protection given to Dineh burial grounds  and sacred sites.

Their religion, which is land based and site specific, is the foundation of their way of life. The Dineh state that Public Laws 93-531 and 104-301 were written specifically to promote PCC's interests in the region.

Mr. Amor and the visiting NGO's heard the testimony of Dineh elders from all over the Black Mesa region of the Dineh reservation. They gave their accounts of their forced eviction or the eviction of their neighbors from their land, the demolition of theirs and their neighbors homes, as well as accounts of harassment by the US Bureau of Indian Affairs. The hearings for both days lasted well into the night.

Elders from the neighboring Hopi reservation also gave their testimony. They verified many of the statements of the Dineh elders, especially the accounts of the increasing scarcity of water in the region.

The Dineh and Hopi reservations sit on top of one of the largest aquifers in the South West. PCC has been using massive amounts of water from the aquifer to operate coal slurry pipelines that transport coal to Las Vegas and Southern California without replacing the water they use, (over one billion and running fast)which is a requirement of US mining regulation.

The result of these mining violations has meant that well's are rapidly running dry all across the Dineh and Hopi reservations.

The Hopi elders also came to publicly dispel the myth of a Dineh/Hopi land dispute, SEE Clamor One: Navajo - Hopi Partition which the traditional Dineh and Hopi say has been manufactured by the Hopi and Dineh tribal councils in an effort to prevent solidarity among the Hopi and Dineh in this struggle.

The traditional Dineh and Hopi regard their tribal councils as nothing more than puppets of the US Federal Government who merely rubber-stamp any proposal made by the Federal Government and its corporate backers.

Well over one hundred Dineh supporters from all over the United States also came to attend the event, and donate food, clothing and their labor. Members of Free Radio Berkeley (Berkeley, CA) and Radio Clandestina (Los Angeles, CA) set up a temporary micropower radio station, Free Radio Dineh, for the UN visit.

For three days, interviews and commentary from Dineh resistors as well as testimony from the hearings were broadcast to residents of the Black Mesa/Big Mountain region. The members of FRB and RC hope to set up a permanent micropower station for the traditional Dineh in the near future.

The event was universally considered to be a success, and the Dineh are hopeful that they will see a positive result from the hearings. In his opening remarks, Mr. Amor told those in attendance at the hearings, "I will listen with an open mind and an open heart".

Whether the UN General Assembly will listen with open minds and hearts and have the strength to charge the United States with human rights violations remains to be seen.


The A-Infos Radio Project:

Public PGP Block

From an email (un-edited) dated February 2, 1998, regarding the UN investigation of the US.

Cherokee Wisdom

Today, I was only one among many, from First Nations across America. We listened as each individual spoke of incidences of religious intolerance and/or violation.

Mr Abdelfattah Amor, Tunisian the U.N. special Rapporteur, spoke of the "U.N. Declaration on Elimination of Intolerance of Religious Beliefs", Human Rights Violations, and his investigation in the U.S.

Again today, those of Indigenous Cultures, spoke the same truths that have echoed across the ages, and again I fear, these words will fall on the same deaf ears.

How can a people who have lost their connection to the earth,
the animals, the plants and the atmosphere, ever understand???

They no longer notice, when the Song of the Water ceases,and their little water brothers die by the thousands as developments fill the streams and rivers with silt and pollution.

When the mountains tremble, as development blasts and strip mines all that can be "taken" with nothing, given back.

They ignored the protection of Father Sky, the layers of the atmosphere, until they had assaulted Him to the point that they had skin cancers all over.

They no longer notice, when they walk the meadows, that thousands of wild flowers have been lost and destroyed by over-cultivation, that species after species are lost due to over management, development, and destruction of natural habitat.

How can we help them to HEAR ?? They are "Related" to all the elements of Creation, we are all inter-dependant !! If we seperate the mind from the body, both suffer, if we seperate the human tribe from the other tribes, animal, plant, mineral, all suffer.

If we violate the Sacred Sites upon the Earth, we violate the spirit of the Creator AND the Created, both suffer.

For my people, the Tsalagi/Cherokee, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, is named Une' Lanu' hi, this translates to mean the Creator/Apportioner. He who brought all, into being, where there was nothing before, then to each Creation he apportioned a part of his "medicine" his spirit, his power.

Each Element Created, has received a living vibrant spirit, yes, the stones that fill the canyons, the mountains, grow by a process now identified as "replication."

Spiritually powerful places, were given, to each of the Ancient Indigenous Cultures, these sites are called "Sacred Ground." Just as a child would rather die, than violate his birth mother, so these Indigenous Children of the Earth would rather die, than violate these Sacred Places.

The very fiber of their bodies were bio-genetically imprinted with the Care, Respect, and Love of these Sacred Sites. When the Human Spirit, seeks the place to offer prayers, it will seek these places upon the Earth.

Each member of these cultures were imprinted, this is why we are driven to seek our "Roots" and to make the journey "Home" to these ancient places. When we come full circle, in the journey of life, we pray, all of us will return to, this TRUTH.

When the Anglo-European people came to these continents, the Americas, they longed for the "Old Country" they were not connected to the Sacred Ground, where they were transplanted. They forgot, that these Sacred Places ARE the "Old Country" for the Indigenous Peoples.

Americans and displaced peoples the world over, seek to return to, The Pyramids, Stonehenge, NewGrange, Mtn. Sinai, Carnac, etc. We, are not so different.

Just as the city of Jerusalem, and the Wailing Wall, is Sacred, to the Hebrew People, so the Warrior Walls and the Stone Burial Mounments, are Sacred to the Tsalagi/Cherokee People.

Just as the Great Stone Temples of Machu Picu, are Sacred, to the Incan People, so the Great Earthen Mounds of Etowah and Cahokia, are Sacred, to the Indigenous People.

These Sacred Places are now, Tourist Attractions, Federally, Privately or State Owned,and NO prayers, NO Ceremonies, NO songs, not even a sprinkle of sage or tobacco can be dropped or offered here.

We have journeyed to the Pyramids, Stonehenge, Carnac, NewGrange, Mtn. Sinai, Wailing Wall, and Jerusalem. We were allowed to openly pray, sing, and perform ceremony at each of these Sacred Places, yet I was almost SHOT at the Holy City of Echota, the Ancient Tsalagi/Cherokee City.

I wanted to pray there, for my Tsalagi/Cherokee people who died on the Trail of Tears. Young Tsalagi/Cherokee Bloods and Breeds were threatened with arrest, when they sprinkled tobacco on the ground, atop the Earthen Mound at Etowah, and another visit resulted in eviction, when tobacco was offered to an ancient Cedar Tree that grows on the grounds.

In Egypt we were escorted, to Deep burial chambers in the pyramids to offer prayers, in England, France and Ireland, ancient places are open for prayer, songs and ceremony. The farmers open their fields and meadows to the people from all over the world.

In Israel, anyone can pray or leave prayers tucked into the crevices of the Wailing Wall, or pray at The Tomb, or the Garden. When access to these Sacred Places is blocked, the World Screams.

Something is Terribly Wrong in the United States of America, the Anglo-European People who conquered its Indigenous Cultures, ARE, incredibly INTOLERANT of the Religious Beliefs and Practices of the First Nations People who were Born here.

Who were given the "Responsibility" by their Creator, to Care for, these Sacred Places, and given the "Priviledge" to access the power, of these Sacred Places, to sustain their People and their Culture, and their Heritage.

There is a deep Hope within, that these words of the Indigenous Peoples and my words will finally, be heard:

These are My Words and I Own them, I am, Danawa-Olivia Kelly, Corporate Agent for Preservationists of Native American Sites, Inc., Tsalagi/Cherokee Descendant, Member of the Native American Church of America, Mother and Elder, Keeper for the Seven Future Generations.
Tsigeyui, Dohiyi
Sunale        Danawa

END Email.

Beautifully spoken, and a truth that cuts across all cultures and religions. In the Book of the culture I was raised in the words are: "All Creation groans, waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God."

Those who hear the Spirit will release the Creation from the abuses by those who have not been listening. They are true Christians, as are true Hopi, or anyone true to their ancient teachings.

Saved something really good for the last and here is the email unedited:

An Experiential Wilderness Journey
In The Ecuadorian Amazon

Dahlia Kresch Miller

The School of Consciousness & Transformation at The California Institute of Integral Studies is pleased to host:

"Nature as Teacher, Indigenous Wisdom,
and Rainforest Conservation Strategies."

March 21 - 31, 2000
April 6 - 16, 2000

Come in solidarity into the Ecuadorian Amazon, beholding the majesty of primary Rainforest, with elders and youth of the Secoya People. We will be hosted by Indigenous families at a jungle lodge.

The SECOYA are an ethnic minority living within 100,000 acres of the upper Amazon Rainforest. Their name, Secoya, means "Multi-Colored People."

Your journey will be facilitated by a cadre of elders and youth - forest masters, healers, visionaries and ethnobotanists - who, with commitment and dedication, work at ground-level to support Rainforest conservation and Indigenous cultural transmission among the generations.

We intend this event to be an unforgettable experience with unforgettable people that in some way will nourish, enrich and strengthen the root of your life.

Guest Teacher and Artist-in-Residence Don PABLO CESAR AMARINGO, a world-illustrious visionary painter from the Peruvian Amazon, is co-author of the book "Ayahuasca Visions" and Director of the Usko Ayar School of Amazonian Painting in Pucallpa, Perú.

He believes, "Every plant-tree is a city populated by spirit." During the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro (June 1992), Pablo was elected to the Global 500 Roll of Honor of the United Nations Environment Program in recognition of outstanding practical achievements in the protection and improvement of the environment through the Usko Ayar School.

His paintings express the peril, anguish and healing power yet left in the sacred botanical kindom. Pablo dedicates his life to spiritual development, healing, Rainforest conservation, the arts and education.

Coordinator JONATHON MILLER-WEISBERGER is Director of Grupo Osanimi and an Ethnobotanist - Rainforest conservation activist, deep ecologist, naturalist. He was born in Berkeley, California in 1970 and brought to Ecuador at the age of two, where he was raised with his sister.

In 1988 Jonathon attended Humboldt State University in California, and since 1990 he has worked in the Ecuadorian Amazon on Rainforest conservation and cultural heritage projects with the elders and a cadre of youth from several different Indigenous tribes.

He is working towards a New Ethnobotany, an emerging discipline that seeks to enact new methods of cultural transmission to revive and strengthen the vast plant lore in the region. This he believes to be a crucial link for ongoing forest protection.

To receive a journey manual with complete information, including registration form, please send US$10 to:

Sentient Experientials
PO Box 1004
El Cerrito, California 94530, USA
Telephone: (510) 235-4313
Fax: (510) 215-9840
Contact Person: E-mail: Dahlia Kresch Miller, Sentient Experientials' Liaison
Web page: California Institute of Integral Studies

Academic credit is available through The California Institute of Integral Studies, an institution of higher education promoting spiritually engaged fieldwork in anthropology, philosophy, psychology and organizational development. END Email.

Send this boy (Mike Smith) to camp!

Hopi Prophecy

In a recent email an anthropology student sent a request for info on the Navajo, in areas that her teacher required.

These were part of a curriculum that does not do justice to the Navajo - so I gave a brief outline of how skewed the "popular" version of Native Amercian Indian culture is.

In our next exchange, she said that she found herself both "laughing and cringing" at what I had written. That apt phrase sums up the process of writing a Clamor as well.

So, for the most part, a Clamor of concern, change, and chagrin.
But not to worry: "These could be good times." I believe that.


OK, it's your turn. Please send e-mail to The Mike Smith.
And thank you to all have shared their knowledge, corrected my errors, and have been an encouragement.

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