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[Sisters in Harmony by Jeanne Rorex Bridges]
Sisters In Harmony by Jeanne Rorex Bridges
Oklahoma Cherokee Artist
Paintings of hope from a time of despair: The Trail of Tears.
Also see her page for good history coverage of this era.
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Origin, history, religion, culture, and ceremonies of the
Native American Indians of the Four Corners Region.
Navajo Hopi Jicarilla Apache Ute Mountain Ute Southern Ute
Research on the Hisatsinom (Anasazi)and Athabascan peoples.
The Midwest connections by language, architecture and relocations.
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Four Corners Clamor
Four Corners Clamor Index
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Along The Path with Sheilah Smith
Along The Path Index
Sheilah is on the road contacting artists and craftspeople.
We visited with RedNation of the Cherokee, and have enjoyed a show
at the Mid-America Indian Center in Wichita. Articles soon.

Around The Fire
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Four Corners Articles
Of Current Interest
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Grave Desecration
Schaffers/Shaffers/Shaeffers/Shavers Eddy
How Nine Arkansas Duck Hunters Have Started a Landmark Case
St. Louis Mounds
Important Discovery
Tennessee Graves
Trail of Tears
Burial Moccasins
An Illegal Auction
Five Tribes NAGPRA Policy

Indigenous Peoples' Seattle Declaration
Protesting the World Trade Organization
Death Penalty Milk Pectin Desert Walk

For Your Information
American Indian Religious Freedom Act
Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979
Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
United Nations Convention on Genocide
The Hopi Declaration of Peace The Essence of Hopi Prophecy

Articles of, by and for, with many good links.
Water Basics
The Midwest. Rapidly failing.
Traditional Wool and dyes.
Sweat Lodges:
Sheilah's Popular Article with links
Maps of Arizona and New Mexico Reservations
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Day Trips From Farmington, NM
Simon Canyon Shiprock Mesa Verde
Chaco Culture Park Hoodoos: The Bisti Wilderness.
A Two for One Trip
Aztec Ruins with photos. Salmon Ruin with photos.

Four Corners Monument: Just 70 miles west of Farmington.

The fun is watching the different contortions of the people as they arrange their bodies to be in all four states at once. And then it's your turn.
I've been getting many requests for photos of the Four Corners Monument.
Please email me: Mike and I'll send you a list of URLs, until I can get my links updated.

For other interests:

FISHING: Farmington was known to the Navajo as ToTah, "meeting place of the waters": The La Plata, the Animas, and the San Juan Rivers. YEAR round fishing. From the base of Navajo Dam to 3.75 miles downstream on the San Juan are "Quality Waters." Rainbow, Brown, and Snake River trout.

A year-round river water average temp of 42-45 degrees, a high mineral content, large trout. The minimum length to keep (and limit of one a day) is 20 inches. The length of my keyboard is 18 inches.

Navajo Lake State Park: Blue Gill, Bass (large and small), crappie, Kokanee Salmon, Brown and Rainbow trout, Pike, and Catfish. Trolling for Salmon in the summer and Trout in the winter.

GOLF: Pinon Hills is a five-star golf course. One of only eight public in the nation.

A Hopi Prophecy

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